3 More Winners Selected For Brand New Vapes!

3 More Winners Selected For Brand New Vapes!

Can you believe how fast this month is flying by?! Already it’s time for week 4 of the January giveaways with only one week left!

Last week we had a very happy winner claim their prize, the Raw vaporizer! So congratulations to Dustin from TN on snagging that awesome new box vape. Enjoy it Dustin and be sure to let us and everyone else know what you think!

We did unfortunately have a few items not claimed once again, but this is of course great news for you as we are throwing them right back in the pool for this week!

Once again the poor little Atmos Junior vape is still waiting for someone, anyone to claim it and give it a loving new home. The Atmos JR is a great little portable vape pen that does wonders with your waxy concentrates. It comes in a ton of different colors and even has a newly released Camo finish pictured above!

Also returning from previous weeks is the Dube XS vape pen! The Dube XS took what everyone loved about the original Dube’s small slim design and made it even better. It is now shorter than the original, has an improved screen design to help with dry material, and comes in a variety of colors to suit your style!

The new guy to the giveaways this week is the Lotus vaporizer, a creative little vape that has been gaining a ton of popularity lately. With the Lotus you use a butane torch to heat the top “Lotus” cap which vaporizes your material below it. Since butane rises upwards, the butane nor the flame ever come into contact with your material, giving you some tasty vapor each time. Also included is the water tool adapter to connect the Lotus cap to most 14mm or 18mm water tools and really kick the experience up a level.

Becoming eligible for these giveaways is extremely easy, simply join our EZVapes community and you’ll be entered for all the future vape giveaways. This will also ensure that you get our weekly newsletter that has pics, reviews, and a ton of other vape information that is new and exciting. We even throw in a few unadvertised deals and discounts your way from time to time too 😉

Now is the time to cross your fingers and check your email inbox to see if you were one of our lucky winners this week. Please be sure to check all folders in your email account just in case the message gets filtered out into another folder other than your primary inbox. Last thing you want is to find out you won after it’s too late!

The fastest way to stay in the know of course would be to join us on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. We are always posting on a daily basis to interact with everyone and keep you up to date.

Only a few weeks left for our vaporizer sale that nets you 15% off any vape sitewide! Use the coupon code “2014” at checkout and save 15% off any vape in your order instantly! I’d personally suggest picking up the new Baker vape, I have been LOVING mine!

We’re hoping for a clean sweep of the giveaways this week so we can end things with a bang next week with the iPhone vape and start fresh for next month’s giveaways that will be announced shortly!

So how many of you have stuck with your new year’s resolutions? I’m actually not sure if I did because I can’t even remember what it was. Let us know in the comments what yours was and if you stuck to it or not!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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    Good Luck All !!!

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