Atmos Thermo W Vaporizer Review

Atmos Thermo W Vaporizer Review

Atmos Thermo W

Atmos is at it again, one of the leaders in portable vaporizing has released another great little vape, the Atmos Thermo W. Made specifically for waxier oils and concentrates, how does it hold up against the constantly growing competition?

As with all of Atmos Nation’s vaporizers, the Thermo W vaporizer arrives in very nice packaging with a picture of the vape on the front. This may not seem like a huge deal, but it is always nice to see a company really go the extra mile to make their product shine.

When you open the box up you will see the Thermo W, a small carrying bag, and the USB charger all laid out nice and neat, ready for you to rip into. The USB charger has a retractable cord for easy maintenance and the carrying bag has a draw string with lock to keep it shut.

The Atmos Thermo W easily breaks apart so cleaning is less of a hassle.

The Atmos Thermo W easily breaks apart so cleaning is less of a hassle.

The Thermo vaporizer unit itself is extremely small and lightweight. At only a third of an inch in diameter and about 4 inches tall, you will have absolutely no problem at all carrying this bad boy around. In fact, you might have trouble not losing it, it’s that small.

In the name of saving space, the tank cover to the chamber is also the mouthpiece. It has a small tear drop shaped window on the front of it so you can actually see vapor build up inside before pulling, so you will never be surprised with too little or too much vapor at one time.

The “atomizer cup” with a white silicone top pulls right off to reveal the heating chamber where your material is placed. It says in the instructions to apply a “reasonable” amount of material to the atomizer, so basically that means don’t go overboard even though it looks like it can hold a lot.

The v2 battery that completes the vape is the same battery Atmos used with their previous Atmos Thermo v2, which got great reviews for its exceptional battery life. The battery lasts through about 45 minutes of continuous vaporization, which in the grand scheme of things doesn’t sound like a lot, but it definitely is when comparing it to similar sized vaporizers. You will know it is time to charge it when you see the power button blink 15 times rapidly.

The case

The case that the Atmos Thermo W comes with is a simple, yet very nice addition.

The ergonomic power/heat button has a built in locking mechanism so you don’t accidentally start vaping unexpectedly. Pressing the power button 3 times in succession will unlock it, while doing the same again will then lock it.

The first 2 presses will not show any signs of life, but on press 3 the button turns yellow, then orange, and then it will blink blue to show you have either locked or unlocked the unit. To tell if it is locked or not simply hold down the power button and see if it lights up, if it does you’re unlocked and good to go. If the light blinks orange at the end it means you are at about a medium charge and if it blinks red then the battery is almost dead, so you’ll never be left in the dark on where the battery life is at.

The Thermo W gives you nice, smooth vapor clouds after holding the heat button for only about 3-5 seconds in most cases. To ensure you do not burn out the battery, if you hold the power button for 15 seconds or longer the Thermo W oil vaporizer is going to automatically shut off. The light will blink 8 times to sort of reprimand you for holding it in too long.

All in all we are very pleased with the Atmos Thermo W’s performance, even after a couple weeks of use. If you need something reliable, compact and efficient for your waxier materials, the Atmos Thermo W is calling your name. Also don’t forget we still have our deal going on until the end of March for 15% off all oil vaporizers, including the Atmos Thermo W.



  1. Loso Angeleso says:

    I just bought one of these and I must say, It is hard to put down 🙂 I absolutely love it and it is so nice to wake up in bed around 2am and reach over to my night stand and just grab the Atmos Thermo W with some Crumble Wax loaded up and to just take a quick Puff and then just pass out. So easy to use and simply amazing. 🙂

  2. Tre Taylor says:

    Need help!! My atmos thermo vaporizer continually blinks 8 times. How do I get it to start working again? Please help

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