Choosing Your First Vaporizer

Choosing Your First Vaporizer

A collection of some of the most popular vaporizers available: The Wispr, Arizer Extreme Q and Arizer Solo.

Picking which vaporizer is the best for you does not have to be something you dread. It’s actually pretty fun when you have the knowledge you need to make the right choice. We want to make choosing your vaporizer as quick and comfortable for you as possible. Below you will find all the crucial information needed to pick the right vaporizer the first time.

The Arizer Extreme Q is one of the best table top vaporizers available.

Table Top Vaporizers

Any vaporizer that plugs into a wall outlet is generally going to be considered a table top vaporizer. There are a few exceptions, such as the Vapir One v5.0 being hand held but still has to plug into the wall.

Table top vaporizers are considered to be better than portable vaporizers as far as vapor quality is concerned. This is mostly due to the fact that the larger size often has a heater that can outperform a smaller one you would find in a portable vaporizer. Of course, there are portable vaporizers out there, like the Arizer Solo, who can put that to the test.

– Bag / Balloon Vaporizers –

Vaporizers that use the bag method, or the balloon method as it is often called, use a fan to blow hot air through your material and send the vapor directly into food grade bags that are capped with a mouthpiece. The advantage to this is you can leave vapor in a balloon for a decent amount of time so it can completely cool down. Also passing out bags is great if you vaporize with your friends a lot, much easier than each person taking their turn with a whip. The most popular of the bag vaporizers is definitely the Volcano. The Volcano has been around for over 10 years now and really is the poster child for vaporizing.

Bag / balloon vaporizers are perfect for: Those who are often vaporizing with friends.

Example: Volcano Vaporizer

– Whip / Wand Vaporizers –

When you see a vaporizer that refers to using a “wand” or “whip” for vapor delivery this essentially means that you have food grade plastic, vinyl or silicon tubing that the vapor travels through before you inhale. When using a whip the fan that is used on balloon vaporizers is not required. The pace at which you draw from the mouthpiece end of the whip is going to dictate the pace of the vapor delivery. Drawing slower will make the vapor travel slower and be cooler when it reaches the mouthpiece.

Whip / wand vaporizers are perfect for: Anyone who wants quick and easy vaporizing sessions at home.

Example: viVape Vaporizer

– Dual Functionality –

There are many vaporizers that offer both vapor delivery options. The Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 for example allows you to fill vapor balloons or use a food grade vinyl whip attachment. So if you really can’t decide between the two methods then a vaporizer that features both could be your best bet.

Dual functionality vaporizers are perfect for: If you are unsure what method would be best for you and you want to experience everything vaporizing has to offer.

Example: Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 Vaporizer

The Arizer Solo and Wispr portable vaporizers use a rechargeable battery and butane respectively.

Portable Vaporizers

If you need portable freedom from wires and cords you definitely need to check out portable vaporizers. The general advantage to these kinds of vaporizers is, of course, the ability to use them away from home and free of any type of wires or cords to plug in. Generally you are going to see two different types of portable vaporizers: rechargeable and butane powered.

– Butane Powered Vaporizers –

Portable vaporizers that use butane to produce vapor usually fall into two different ways: butane inside of the vaporizer like with the Wispr and Iolite, or using a butane torch or standard lighter to heat up your material without the naked flame touching actually making contact, like the Vapman and Vapor Genie respectfully. The advantage here is you do not have to worry about recharging a battery, which would be difficult while away from home, but if your butane runs out that is going to be something easier to find.

Butane powered vaporizers are perfect for: Any outdoor activity where a power source is nowhere to be found such as hiking or riding your bike.

Example: Wispr Portable Vaporizer

– Rechargeable Vaporizers –

Rechargeable vaporizers really offer a lot of convenience because you do not need any type of 3rd party accessory, like a lighter or can of butane, to use the vaporizer. Many portable rechargeable vaporizers use lithium-ion batteries that are built in to the vaporizer so you can just plug it into the wall to charge like you would with say a cell phone. Good examples of this kind of vaporizer would be the VaporBLUNT and Arizer Solo. You will also find some rechargeable vapes that give you batteries that are charged on a wall charger, like the Magic Flight Launch Box and the ThermoVape. The advantage there is you can purchase additional batteries and always have some charging while the others are in use, never interrupting a vaporizing session.

Rechargeable vaporizers are perfect for: Activities like camping, where you can easily use a car charger to keep your vape going if the battery dies.

Example: Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer

Determine Your Budget

After deciding on table top (bag or whip) or portable (rechargeable or butane powered) it is now a very smart idea to determine and set your budget for your vaporizer. Not everyone has the money to dive in head first and buy a Volcano. Keep in mind that while some vaporizers may seem expensive, they are saving you money in the long run with their efficiency. When you vaporize your material, as opposed to burning it, you stretch the life of the material a lot. So where a vape might be more of an investment up front, you are saving in the end.

Take Your Pick

Now that you have determined between table top and portable and their subcategories and you have also set your budget, it is time to pick the lucky vape you will be taking home. With all the knowledge you’ve gained you should be able to find that perfect vaporizer that fits all your needs.


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