Coming Soon: Pinnacle Pro Portable Vaporizer

Coming Soon: Pinnacle Pro Portable Vaporizer

Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer

The Pinnacle by VaporBLUNT hit the scene not too long ago, offering a great vaporizer in a pretty small package. Now VB is back with their newest iteration the Pinnacle Pro, but has it improved enough to be worth upgrading?

The first thing I noticed just from looking at it is the 5 lights, meaning they have added 3 new heat levels in addition to the original 2. This gives you more options to find the optimal temperature for you, just like the VaporBLUNT 2. The temperatures range from 370° to 470° F in 25° increments.

Each level also has its own color to it to show the user what kind of level you are at by either the color of the light or the number of lights that are on, the colors are as follows:

  • Heat Level 1: 370° WHITE
  • Heat Level 2: 395° TURQUOISE
  • Heat Level 3: 420° GREEN
  • Heat Level 4: 445° ORANGE
  • Heat Level 5: 470° PURPLE

Why would it go that high you ask? Well the Pinnacle Pro has added the ability to vaporize essential oils and concentrates in addition to loose leaf herb and tobacco. The versatility added here is invaluable since the Pinnacle was already one of the smallest vapes out there with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

One complaint I had with my original Pinnacle vaporizer was that there was no battery indicator, so too often I would go to turn it on just to find out it was dead or very close to it. With the addition of the 5 LED lights, you are given a battery level gauged through these 5 lights when you first click the button. This way you know exactly when it is going to need a charge, a small but very welcome addition.

At only about 5" long and a 1" diameter, the Pinnacle Pro is extremely portable.

At only about 5″ long and a 1″ diameter, the Pinnacle Pro is extremely portable.

Speaking of battery level, another great addition to the Pinnacle Pro is that it allows you to vaporize while simultaneously charging the unit, even if the battery is completely dead. So if you forgot to charge your Pinnacle Pro instead of having to wait a few hours for some charge you can plug in and get your session underway as planned. This to me is a HUGE deal as I am notorious for forgetting to charge my vapes.

It still has one button operation, one click displays battery level, each click after that will up the heat level by one level, and then to turn it off you simply press and hold the button. I used to have my Pinnacle turn on in my pocket every so often, but they added a small ridge around the button that makes that happening much less likely, definitely a great catch by Vapor BLUNT to add that in.

Luckily if you already own a Pinnacle and you went for the extra water tool attachment your investment will not go to waste. The Pinnacle Pro portable vaporizer uses the same style chamber cap and mouthpieces as the original so anything you may already own for your Pinnacle or other VaporBLUNT products, such as the flavored mouthpieces, will not go to waste.

From everything I’ve seen VB appears to have really listened to those who loved the Pinnacle, but had a few ideas how to make it better. If this preview got you hyped up the good news is that the wait won’t be long, the Pinnacle Pro by VaporBLUNT will be in stock at EZVapes by the end of next week.

Do you think they’ve done enough to warrant an upgrade from the original? Let us know in the comments below!


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