Seego Conseal PE vs. PE2

Seego Conseal PE vs. PE2


For starters, the Conseal PE2 by Seego is compatible with a wider range of attachments than the original Conseal PE. Most notably, the PE2 is compatible with Seego’s new PE-W dual coil quartz cartridge for wax, the PE however is not.

Battery Capacity

The newer version also has a larger 1000mAh battery vs. the original’s 650mAh capacity, providing longer battery life.

Comparing Features

Cartridge Level Window

The PE2 has a convenient window that allows you to view how much oil is left in the cartridge at any time, but the PE does not. This can be considered a pro or a con, depending which is more important to you: being discreet – or – being able to see how much is left at a glance.

Ease Of Use

The Seego Conseal PE has an LED light behind the power button, but the PE 2 has an LED light on the actual button making it easier to operate and see when it is unlocked.

When plugged in and charging the Conseal PE’s blue LED light will activate, then turn off when fully charged. The PE2’s light however, will shine red while charging, then turn green when it is charged to capacity and should be removed from the charger.

Other Features

At the base of the PE2, there are airflow holes, the micro USB charging port is also positioned on the bottom. On the PE, there are no airflow holes at base and the charging port is on the upper-side area.

Lastly, the Conseal PE2 makes use of a different magnetic connector than the PE. The PE2’s magnetic adapter is wider and has features that improve airflow.


The flagship Conseal PE is smaller and more compact than the newer PE2 battery, but this is due mostly to the additional features and increased battery size. The 2nd version still remains small and discreet.

The Takeaway

In summation, the PE2 is a more advanced device with better compatibility, more features, and longer battery life. Some of the new specs may make it easier to use than the first version. However, speaking strictly in terms of portability and stealth, the original PE still edges it out.

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