EZVapes 420 Buyer’s Guide 2015

The clock is ticking and 420 will be here before you know it. As you know, we have an alarming amount of discounts and deals going on right now, so we thought we’d hold your hand through several different categories of vapes and other accessories to find what’s best for you. Let’s get started.



The vapes that started it all, with a good herbal vape by your side the possibilities are endless.


Here’s the thing. For a long time there was this myth that vape pens could vaporize dry herbs. And it was just that, a myth. That is of course until the Boss came swooping in selling you more than a dream.

The Boss uses a stainless steel heating chamber that actually vaporizes your material, giving you true vapor in moments. This vape is truly vape pen size, but sacrifices nothing in durability with its anodized steel exterior.

If you need a portable herb vape that won’t bog you down, the Boss is hard to top.

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Arizer Air


In the vaporizer industry Arizer is synonymous perfection. For years they have been pumping out the best of the best, whether it be a table top like the Extreme Q, or a portable like the Solo.

Now they’re back again and they say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but Arizer took the Solo and improved across the board with the new Arizer Air.

At only 5 inches tall and 1 inch wide the Air is as portable as can be and offers huge vapor clouds on the go on demand. Just like the Boss, the Air gives you true vapor from an extremely small package.

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Quickly becoming the go to for most vapor enthusiasts, vape pens for concentrates generally utilize high quality coils to quickly and easily vape waxy concentrates on the go.

HELOS-G Case Kit


When you think vape pens for concentrates the first thing that should come into your mind is eDab. They haven’t been around that long, but have consistently been releasing top notch products from day one.

Their latest offering, the HELOS-G Case Kit, takes the power of the eDab variable voltage “Spin” battery and throws the sleek and beautiful all glass dome/mouthpiece combo on top for an absolute powerhouse of a vape.

Also included is eDab’s vape pen case with super durable outer shell and slim design that protects the pen, but still makes it a comfortable pocket size.

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Some vapes are a do-it-all jack of all trades, making them some of the most convenient to own since you don’t have to do heavy vape switching as your material and/or mood change.

Atmos Astra


And here we have the Atmos Astra, one of the aforementioned jack of all trades vapes. This little beauty vapes dry herbs, e-juice or waxy concentrates and does so with precision and efficiency.

The Astra doesn’t use any coils, instead using a ceramic heating chamber that will evenly vape any material you throw its way for a consistently enjoyable experience each and every time.

Now you might think a vape that does all this must be huge, right? Wrong. The Astra measures in at only 6 inches tall and an inch wide, making it a breeze to take along with you wherever you go.

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Ascend to new heights of portable vaporizing glory with the Ascent by DaVinci. With cutting edge options, such as setting different heat levels based on time vaping, the Ascent works as good as it looks.

The design of the Ascent seamlessly contours your hand for a comfortable grip, so no worry of accidentally dropping it and causing damage. The all glass vapor path delivers the vapor the way it should be, untouched by any reactive materials, for an insanely smooth vaping experience.

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The Atmos Dart never misses its mark, giving you a super thin vape pen for waxy concentrates and e-juice that is an absolute pleasure to take with you wherever you go. You even get a separate cartridge for each material, so clean up is as easy as can be and you are never accidentally mixing materials.

The Dart’s unique design has curves like Beyoncé that gives the pen a nice relaxed feel when in your hand, while the rubber mouthpiece is much nicer to pull from than plastic and the elongated  design comes to a thin tip for even more comfort.

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Need a vape, but don’t have a ton of cash? We’re here to help…


Nothing beats a great vape at a great price and the Atmos Bullet Max is just that. Its small, slim design is perfect for speedy vape sessions away from home and on the go. Pop the top and load in your favorite dry herbs or waxy concentrates and with a press of a button you’ve got vapor at the ready.

The minuscule cleaning tool and tiny USB charger complete the portable package, the slim box even acts as a carrying case if you want some extra protection.

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At EZVapes we have a HUGE selection of tanks and carts to customize your pen setup. Check out a few highlights below.


There are an insane amount of coils out there; tall, short, big, small etc, but very few can accomplish what the Stealth Dual Coil by eDab does.

There are TWO heating elements in the Stealth to produce double the vapor in the same amount of time. Double your vapor, double your fun. Even better, the Stealth’s durable design allows it to take a serious beating and the sleek black designs hides your vapor for discreet sessions anywhere.

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The Atmos RT sports a slim design that will keep in line with the size of a standard vape pen battery, making it a perfect portable option for large vape clouds on the run.

The metal cap screws into the top of the coil and seals the RT cartridge’s heating element and vapor path, making sure no vapor goes to waste.

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Vapes and grinders go together like karaoke and embarrassment. Check out one of our favorite new grinders to hit our shelves.



Santa Cruz Shredder produce some of the toughest and best looking grinders out there. Their patented curved tooth design gives your material that fluff you are looking for instead of absolutely pulverizing it.

The 3 piece grinder removes the screen you might be used to from 4 piece grinders, allowing your material to fall right to the storage container below for easy access.

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For those not ready to vape, we salute you with some smoke pipes that are the next best thing to a vape.


Still one of the best smoke pipes around, the Prometheus Pocket Pipe gives you the best of both worlds, glass smoke path as well as extreme durability.

Inside there is a glass bowl and glass stem that has an anodized aluminum exoskeleton to protect those glass parts from breaking in case of a fall.

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And still the champion of smoke pipes, we have the Incredibowl m420. The glass bowl surrounded by anodized aluminum to protect it in combination with the super strong expansion tube make for an amazing smoking experience every time.

The small size makes it comfortable to fit in your pocket and the all around durable build makes it so you don’t have to worry about breaking your prized possession.

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In addition to all these great products listed above, we implore you to check out our Clearance and Special Deals categories on the site for even more great buys at low prices!

Found a better deal on any of these products somewhere else? Contact us and we’ll match or beat it!

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