Facebook Giveaways: 4 New Concentrate Tool Prizes!

Facebook Giveaways: 4 New Concentrate Tool Prizes!

EZVapes July Facebook Giveaways

UPDATE: Check out our daily e-juice-a-day giveaways all through August!

With a bunch of our Facebook friends already enjoying some sweet giveaways they were lucky enough to win, it’s time for even more winners!

If you weren’t lucky enough to win over the past month, we want to give you the chance to win throughout July as we give away another 4 super useful concentrate tools. You may know about our weekly vape pen giveaways going on this month as well, but these concentrate tools are only up for grabs to our Facebook friends. So if you haven’t already, be sure to like us on Facebook!

How it works: On the day of the giveaways we will post a picture of the prize up for grabs on our Facebook wall, anyone who shares that picture using Facebook’s share option will automatically be entered for the giveaway until we call it off. Each fan who shared the photo will be assigned a number. We will then use a random number generator to pick the winner from those who played! The winner will be announced on FB that day and just has to respond with their mailing address to get the goods! Easy right? But you have to be in it to win it!

Here’s what we have lined up for July:

Of course these prizes are being given away on top of our ongoing vape pen giveaways in July. For those you have to be signed up for our newsletter to be eligible, so why not take a second, sign up, and double your chances at winning a giveaway each week?

Visiting us for the first time? Check out all the information on our weekly giveaways.



  1. Ziggy1363 says:

    I would be happy o win anything at this point

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