Fall In Love With Our September Vaporizer Giveaways!

Fall In Love With Our September Vaporizer Giveaways!

UPDATE: These giveaways have come to a close. Check out our newest giveaways for October!

The calendar has officially flipped over to September. That means pumpkin lattes and beers, football season, and what else am I forgetting? Oh yeah, some sweet vaporizer giveaways at EZVapes!

This month we’ve cracked open the vaporizer vault to bring you some giveaways comprised of tried and true vapes that we all know and love, as well as one very special new vaporizer. To kick things off we have the Atmos Optimus 510. This sleek and tiny vape pen is absolutely perfect to enjoy all your favorite e-juices while on the run. Speaking of e-juice, the winner of the Optimus gets to choose any mouth watering flavor of Buck Naked e-liquid they desire to use with their new prize.

After that we have without a doubt one of the most popular little vaporizers out there, the Magic Flight Launch Box! Its beautiful wooden finish is truly something to behold, but it has much more to offer than just good looks. The MFLB efficiently vaporizes in a matter of seconds, perfect for a puff and run session. The winner even gets to choose from three different finishes, the original maple, or one of the premium cherry or walnut finishes. I love the dark walnut color, but all three really look great.

Next we have another masterpiece by Atmos, simply called the Atmos i4. The i4 vaporizer takes discreet to all new levels. With a quick flick of a switch on the side the top opens up and the cartridge raises to pull from. Flick it down and the cartridge retreats back into the i4 and the top closes. There are discreet vapes, but then there’s the i4 in its own tier of discretion. Better yet, the i4 vape can handle liquids and dry herbs, so we’re throwing in 2 compatible dry herb cartridges so you’re fully set when you get it!

That brings us to the grand finale, the just released Pinnacle Pro by VaporBLUNT. One of the smallest portable vapes sporting a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, you don’t have to sacrifice any quality for portability. On top of that it even has a water tool attachment that really takes this vape and makes it live up to the name, because you really feel like you’ve reached the “pinnacle” of vaporizing (see what I did there?).

So when can you get a shot at taking these giveaways home? I won’t leave you hanging, here’s the giveaway schedule:

September 6th: Atmos Optimus Pen and Buck Naked E-Juice

September 13th: Magic Flight Launch Box Vape

September 20th: Atmos i4 Vaporizer

September 27th: Pinnacle Pro by Vapor BLUNT

Hopefully last month you took advantage of our huge sale on vape pens, but if not allow me to be the bearer of some good news. This month we’re going to give you some deep discounts on an even wider range of products: portable vaporizers (coupon here). That means all vape pens are covered with this deal in addition to every other portable vaporizer we offer. This 15% off portable vaporizers sale is one of our best deals yet, I’d personally stock up on some of those disposable waxy pens on the cheap for when I head to shows or the beach. Vape it and toss it.

Most importantly you must be in it to win it! Simply join us and the thousands of others in the EZVapes community! Our weekly newsletter is overflowing with awesome pictures of new products, articles and reviews of vaporizers, unadvertised deals and coupons, and of course the lowdown on the giveaways. So join us and at the same time become eligible for all these great prizes and any future giveaways.

It is sure to be a great time all month, make certain you follow and say what’s up to us on FB, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. It’s the best way to get instant updates on what’s up at EZVapes.

So which prize do you have your eye on? I know I’m going to be buying myself a Pinnacle Pro, but let us know what prize interests you the most in the comments!



  1. Steve Maher says:

    Grate comp hope i win im gettingas though i casnt smoke weed only in a pipe po a vape would be super !!

  2. I want to start with the pinnacle of vaporizing…The Pinnacle Pro 😀

  3. Mysteriously Unnamed says:

    How do we enter the contest?

  4. I have the BLUNT and love it. I’d really like the pinnacle pro just for a change once in a while.

  5. Deikel Daley says:

    gimme give me just one, i only need one please…….

  6. Anthony Bellio says:


  7. can’t wait I’m next and I’ll share

  8. I don’t smoke in the house, but no one minds me using a vaporizer in the house. Love it

  9. Jake Griffiths says:

    me please, iv’e just dropped my vv mod & i’m gutted as i only had it for a couple of weeks 🙁 now need to save up to buy a new one, unless i win 🙂

  10. Chance Ermeling says:

    Please pick me I’m a partial quadriplegic and have my eye on that magic flight box vape, and the pinnacle pro..PICK ME!!

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