Feel The Heat With 8 Weeks Of Vape Pen Summer Giveaways!

Feel The Heat With 8 Weeks Of Vape Pen Summer Giveaways!

Summer is here and we know you’re going to be out and about so what better to bring with you than a brand new pen-style vape? For the next two months we will be giving away a different premium vaporizer pen every week!

UPDATE: Our July vape pen giveaways have been announced, check them out here!

Each Friday in June and July we will be giving out one of these beautiful vape pens to randomly selected newsletter subscribers. Whether herbs, oils, or waxes are your thing, we have a vaporizer pen for you! First up in June we have the Atmos A-Pen, SToK Gold VAP Kit, Cloud Pen 2.0, and the Cadillac of vape pens, the Joyetech eGo-C Starter Kit going out to 4 lucky winners! Remember, just like all our giveaways, if a prize isn’t claimed within 7 days it goes back in the pool for the next drawing. So you can get even more chances to win! (More info on how the giveaways work here.)

Here’s when we’ll be drawing the winners for each item in June:

June 7th: Atmos A-Pen (Winner: Dan M. from Ohio)

June 14th: SToK Gold (Winner: Rhonda H. from Germany)

June 21st: Cloud Pen 2.0 (Winner: Richard A. from Washington)

June 28th: Joyetech eGo-C (Winner: Wayne P. from Massachusetts)

When July rolls around we will announce our next round of vape pen giveaway prizes and you can bet even more great vaporizer gear will be up for grabs!

Now you may think one vape pen is identical to another, but there are pieces to each that make all of them unique. Let’s take a look at what separates these vape pens being given away in June from the rest of the numerous competition.

Atmos A-Pen

The Atmos A-Pen is one of the more discreet vape pens out there, resembling an actual pen down to the clip on the cap. When you pull the cap off you reveal the mouthpiece as well as the tank, ready to be loaded with your favorite oil or concentrate and quickly vaporized on the go.

SToK Gold VAP Kit

Similar to the A-Pen, the SToK Gold has one major difference, the F5 funnel cloud cartridge. The F5 is one of the best cartridges on the market right now thanks to its huge chamber for long trips and an anti-clog airway that makes the SToK Gold VAP one of the more low maintenance vape pens out there.

Cloud Pen 2.0

Cloud Penz are an incredibly small and effective vaporizer that is absolutely perfect for all your waxier material. Coming with a micro USB charging port, the same charger most smart phones use, you might have a charger for the Cloud before you even buy one. Coming in a over 10 different colors with more being added constantly, the Cloud Pen has a style that will suit anyone.

Joyetech eGo-C Starter Kit

Finally, we end things with a bang with the eGo-C Starter Kit by Joyetech. The originator of the vape pen design we all know today, Joyetech are a widely sought after brand. Their new changeable system separates the atomizer head and body for the quickest replacement process around. These truly are the best of the best.

To become eligible for this giveaway, and all our future giveaways for that matter, is incredibly easy. Just sign up for our weekly newsletter and you will be instantly entered for the giveaways. In our weekly newsletter you will get all the updates on the contests, new products, general happenings at EZVapes, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

As a bonus this month, we are going to be having exclusive giveaways for all our loyal fans on Facebook. You must like us on Facebook and then share the picture of the prize to become eligible to win, read the full information on those giveaways here. We’ll also be doing this again in July, so if you don’t win in June you still have 4 more shots at it in July.

Here’s to another fun month of giveaways, good luck everyone!

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