First Look: Cera Vaporizer

First Look: Cera Vaporizer

ThermoVape vaporizers were extremely intriguing when they first hit the market. They offered unmatched versatility and really gave vaporizer enthusiasts something to be excited about. Now they have taken their versatile and portable design and improved on it with the new Cera vaporizer.

Starting with the construction, the unit is now made of new advanced ceramic, making it as clean as glass but without the durability issues. The new push button design, instead of having to hold in the battery chamber, comes in your choice of titanium or stainless steel. All in all that adds up for a very durable portable vape.

With the new push button design they have also added a safety switch on the side, so you can safely travel with the Cera vape and not have to worry about it turning on by accident. Thermo Essence Technologies is also promising a drastic improvement on battery life, the biggest complaint with previous ThermoVape models.

The Cera vaporizer will come in three models to vaporizer three types of materials: loose leaf, essential oils, and concentrates. All three units can be interchanged with the purchase of an additional cartridge, so no matter which unit you purchase initially you can always get the attachment later on to vaporize your material of choice.

We should see more information about the Cera hand held vape pop up in the coming weeks as it prepares for its release.



  1. One of the worst vapes I have ever experienced. I have one for sale cheap with extra batteries and charger that is good for dabs only have the other cartridges but it is awkward to use and hold for a disabled person because of the on button. Takes a long time to heat up and it hard to draw through with my limited lung capacity. Does not hold much dry matter. Could be used for dabs that are hard to get here and too expensive for us. Hope to trade it off for something more useful for a paraplegic with limited lung draw strength.

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