First Look: The Ascent Vaporizer

First Look: The Ascent Vaporizer

Ascent Vaporizer

The DaVinci vaporizer first took everyone by storm with its small size, digital temperature display, and the ability to vaporize herbs as well as oils and concentrates. It may look like a walkie-talkie, but its performance is not easily matched. Now they are getting ready to turn heads again with the Ascent vaporizer.

Once again coming in a small package, the Ascent vape is smaller than an iPhone and still has a digital temperature display including a battery indicator. Speaking of battery, right now they are claiming you can get up to 3 hours of vaporization on one charge with the lithium-ion battery. If true, that will instantly make it one of the longest lasting portables out there.

Even if you do have to deal with your battery dying, you can use the Ascent while it is plugged in and charging just like you could with the DaVinci vaporizer. The rechargeable batteries are also removable and they plan on selling replacements, so you can have an extra handy and all charged up in case of an emergency or the lack of a wall outlet.

Another great feature from the DaVinci vape returns as well, the internal cleaning tool. With the DaVinci you got a small cleaning brush that did the trick, this time around you have a unique tool that helps clean the inside of the chamber and also removes the oil canisters from the chamber.

The Ascent was previously planned to only be for vaporizing herbs, but in a last minute, and very smart in our opinion, move they added the ability to vaporize essential oils and concentrates as well. The heating chamber is three times the size of the DaVinci vape, so despite a smaller overall size you get a much longer lasting pack than ever. This also negates the need for the extra area to store material that you had with the DaVinci.

Possibly one of the most appealing aspects of the Ascent portable vaporizer is its all glass vapor path. We’ve yet to encounter a portable vaporizer with an all glass vapor path and we are really excited to see if it can deliver the vapor quality you would expect from an all glass experience.

Needless to say, we are extremely excited to get our hands on one, as I’m sure you are as well. So when can you expect that to happen? As of the time of this being posted the Ascent portable vaporizer by DaVinci vaporizers will be shipping from their warehouse on May 1st, so shortly after that.

Stay tuned for a full review once we have one in our possession and don’t forget that we still have our 15% off deal on portable vaporizers going on through the end of the month. You know, just in case you want to pick up a DaVinci while waiting for the Ascent.


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