Celebrate 420 All Month With EZVapes Vaporizer Giveaways!

Celebrate 420 All Month With EZVapes Vaporizer Giveaways!

The calendar has flipped over to April and it is time to wake from our winter comas and get outside and enjoy the nice weather! And what better to accompany you on your spring adventures than a brand new vape from EZVapes?

Last month we had 3 weeks of double vaporizer giveaways topped off with the new VapeXhale Cloud EVO. Well, we are keeping that double giveaway theme going with double giveaways EVERY week and an extra special triple threat giveaway during week 3 to celebrate 420!

We’ll be giving away a HELOS Mini double Kit every Friday accompanied by another vape to complete the double giveaway. Here’s what you can expect each week of April:

As you can see we are pulling out all the stops this month to get some new vapes in the hands of some lucky winners. These giveaways add up to over $1,000 of gear!

Weeks 1 and 2: 2 x HELOS Mini + HempVap Brain Dart + Prometheus Pocket

Weeks 1 and 2: 2 x HELOS Mini + HempVap Brain Dart + Prometheus Pocket

Every week we’ll be giving away one of the brand new HELOS Mini Double Kits by eDab, the newest portable wax vape that has really demanded everyone’s attention. The HELOS Mini has taken all the power, quality and efficiency of a standard sized pen, or even some larger mods, and encapsulated it into a small compact design.

Accompanying the HELOS Mini in week one is a small portable pipe that people have absolutely fallen in love with, the Prometheus Pocket Pipe. You get to enjoy all the benefits of a glass piece, but with the aluminum exoskeleton surrounding the glass you don’t have to worry about breakage nearly as much. Add on the Prometheus Oil Kit and turn your Pocket into a powerhouse oil vape!

For week 2 the HempVap Brain Dart Kit enters the fray. The HempVap comes with preloaded CBD oil cartridges in 3 tasty flavors; honeydew, papaya and strawberry. The pen itself is super thin and the perfect size to carry around with you wherever your travels may take you.

Heading into week 3 we have our 420 celebration going down! Not 1, not 2, but 3 amazing giveaways going out. In addition to the HELOS Mini we’ll have the Incredibowl m420 all-weather sports case set! The m420, of course adorning the name of the holiday, is one of the most popular portable smoke pipes out there thanks to its durable design and incredibly smooth smoking experience.

The Final Week: HELOS Mini Double Kit and Kanger E-Smart

The Final Week: HELOS Mini Double Kit and Kanger E-Smart

The grand prize during our 420 celebration giveaways is the brand new Pinnacle Pro DLX Hard Shell Sport Kit! This is the ultimate Pinnacle Pro package, coming with the micro shower water tool, premium Diamond Grind 4PC grinder, and a hard shell case designed to protect and hold it all.

Wrapping things up for week 4 we’re going to have the Kanger E-Smart kit, a very popular vape pen combo with a super thin and portable design. You get two vape pens out of the box that each hold 1.3mL of your favorite e-juice, the super slim design truly makes this one of the most portable vape pens out there.

In addition to all these great giveaways we are also running a 15% off SITE WIDE sale! By using the coupon code “SALE15” at checkout you will instantly receive 15% off your entire order*, it’s that easy. When 4/20 approaches keep an eye out because you can be sure we’ll be doing an extra special sale!

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The grand prize during the 4/20 celebration, the Pinnacle Pro DLX Hard Shell Sport Case Set!

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Any particular prize you have your eye on this month? Have any plans for the holiday later in the month? Let us know in the comments and best of luck to everyone this month!

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