Four New Vaporizer Winners This Week!

Four New Vaporizer Winners This Week!

After a crazy week last week where we saw FIVE different winners randomly chosen for vapes, we are picking up right where we left off with another FOUR winners this week!

Congratulations to both Jeremiah from IN and Mark from MO on snagging a brand new White Rhino Liquid Mini and Brandy from MA on taking home the powerhouse Plenty vaporizer! Enjoy those new vapes guys and gal, they are top quality!

As three vapes leave the giveaways to join their loving new owners, we have two more jumping right into the fray! This week we have two separate White Rhino Dube XS vapes being drawn for two random winners! The Dube XS is an updated version of their popular Dube vape pen that offers a new screen design, smaller build and comes in a ton of different colors!

Returning from the giveaways last week and still in need of a new home is the Joyetech eGo-C Starter Set. I affectionately refer to it as the Cadillac of vape pens since Joyetech not only created the vape pen design we are all familiar with, but they have nearly perfected it as well. You get two pens right out of the box and the no mess cartridges make loading up your favorite e-juice flavors and hitting the road a breeze!

Another straggler from previous giveaway weeks is the Atmos Junior vape pen. The Junior is only a little over 4 inches tall and has a thin design, making it one of the more portable options out there for your wax vaporizing needs.

The winners have been randomly selected and notified so start checking those inboxes! Make sure you check all the folders in your email because you are not going to be happy if you find the message in your spam folder a month from now!

If you haven’t gotten in on the giveaways yet allow me to be your guide, simply join our EZVapes community here and you will be eligible for all our weekly vaporizer giveaways in the future! You’ll also get our weekly vaporizer newsletter that has a ton of info, pics and even deals and discounts for you to check out.

I feel like I have finally recovered from New Years and this blistering cold front that just came through, anyone have any crazy stories from the weather we just went through? Let us know in the comments!



  1. housewifeinthemidwest says:

    It got down to -65 wind chill here several days ago and now today we’ve had rain all day.

  2. William Throop says:

    Congrats to the Winners

  3. Brown Sugar says:

    Congrats to this weeks winners .

  4. Todd Fluke says:

    how do we see the winners i never see any names

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