Honey Bee Extractor Combo Kit

If you are not already aware, the Honey Bee Extractor is hands down the safest, quickest and cleanest way to extract the essential oils from your material of choice. Its durable design and simplification of the whole process have made it a best seller.

We have set up a Honey Bee Extractor Combo Kit that includes everything you will possibly need to extract and use your essential oils other than a vaporizer itself. The combo kit includes:

  • Honey Bee Extractor – The best way to extract your essential oils.
  • 5 Extra Honey Bee Screens – In addition to the 3 provided, we send you an extra 5 screens to keep you set through multiple extractions.
  • 4 Piece Large EZ Grind Aluminum Grinder – The EZ Grinder is 63mm (about 2.5″) giving you a large enough grinder to get all your material ground up and ready for the Honey Bee.
  • 5x Refined Large Can of Butane – Some of the cleanest butane you can find, perfect for the Honey Bee.
  • VapeTool Kit – The VapeTool Kit comes with 4 double sided vaporizer pokers that are perfect for cleaning your vaporizer and even for use with handling your essential oil product produced by the Honey Bee Extractor.

This deal comes at a heavy discount from the retail of all these products and ensures you will have everything you need for the Honey Bee when your order arrives.

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