March Madness: 4 Weeks Of G Pen Giveaways

G Pen Giveaways

UPDATE: Check out our newest giveaways for May, 4 VaporBLUNT Vaporizers!

After another successful giveaway, the VapeXhale giveaway, March Madness about to kick off, and spring on its way in just a few weeks, we are spreading the madness by giving away FOUR G Pens this month.

Starting March 8th, we will be giving away a brand new G Pen by Grenco Science each and every Friday of this month. We will be alternating between both the original G Pen and the super popular micro G Pen. Here’s the schedule:

  • March 8th: G Pen Winner selected!
  • March 15th: micro G Pen
  • March 22nd: G Pen
  • March 29th: micro G Pen

Different than our other giveaways of late, you have four chances to win instead of just one. So why should you be excited about the G Pen? Allow us to enlighten you.

Both the original G Pen and the newer micro G Pen by Grenco Science stand out in a market that continues to be flooded with pen size oil vaporizers. First and foremost your battery arrives fully charged, seems like a simple gesture, but when you are able to open up your new vape and get started right off the bat you will realize just how awesome this small feature is.

On top of that the battery on the G Pen is no joke, lasting over 400 puffs, so charging your new G Pen will be an after thought. The G Pen creates huge clouds in as little as 3-5 seconds, perfect for quick puff and go action whether you are out on the town or taking a break at work.

G Pen Vaporizers

Sleek look, sleek packaging, and excellent performance. The G Pens do not disappoint.

Both G Pens vaporize your favorite essential oils and botanical concentrates, but when it comes to waxier and thicker consistencies the micro G Pen is a superstar. Your material drops right on the screen of the micro and from there you are seconds away from enjoying that material that no other portable vaporizer can seem to handle. The micro G Pen doesn’t even break a sweat.

Included with both G Pens is a USB charger with wall adapter for easy charging no matter what the source, a stainless steel poker for applying your waxier materials and stirring, and two small glass containers for your favorite material. The micro G even comes with a “G” charm on the poker complete with a key ring for even easier portable use.

There’s a lot to love about both G Pens and we are pumped to give away four of these great portable oil vaporizers and as always entering to be eligible to win couldn’t be any easier. Simply sign up for our vaporizer newsletter and you are automatically entered for this giveaway and all our future giveaways from the moment you hit the “Push to Send Now” button.

We know you are excited to win one of these portable powerhouses and we are just as excited to give them away, so sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t and keep posted to this blog, our Twitter page, Facebook, and Google Plus for all the latest news, updates, and winner announcements.


  1. stan pigeon says

    Well the drawing is tomorrow. I totally can’t wait. I really hope i win. As i am sure everyone else does. LoL…. Thanks guys for doing this!!

  2. Looks nice. never tried a vape pen

  3. stan pigeon says

    LoL… Any chance of picking the other three early? LoL… Just kidding guys!! LoL..

  4. Lori Hynes says

    I am an E-Cig “Vaper” & now I’m a medical marjuana patient & I’d really like to be able to Vape it instead of smoking it… But money is tight & I just can’t afford this beautiful kit… I’d really appreciate it if I won… Thanks Lori Hynes

  5. Sexy Jazz says

    U guys ROCK !!! 🙂 best of luck to everyone!

  6. Can’t wait till I win!

  7. Doctor said he wants me to use vaporization or water pipe because I’m getting too much chance of lung disease from a pipe. I’ve cleaned mine and other peoples and I do understand the problem. But we’ve never been shown proof of any damage from pots longtime use.

  8. Sure would love an pen for herb use!, concentrates and oils are too expensive. Great give away, presents are nice. You guys rock and you really have a great site I hope to be able to buy a safer method of herbing up.from you soon great deals,extras too. Thanks.

  9. Concept is unbelievable would love it. Using herbs would be terrific. Thanks for the highlights.

  10. Definitely interested in a vape pen , even if I don’t win is the best for your vaporizer needs

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