New Month, New Giveaways, 2 New Winners Picked!

New Month, New Giveaways, 2 New Winners Picked!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July yesterday, hopefully filled with some good times and grilling. Now that the nation’s birthday has come and gone we think it’s about time we get some vape pens out to some lucky winners, whaddaya say?

The calendar has flipped over to July and thus started our next 4 weeks of vape pen giveaways. We had a pretty good month of June, with only one prize remaining from the bunch, the grand prize in fact, the Joyetech eGo-C.

Joining the eGo-C this week is our first prize for July, the Atmos RAW dry herb vaporizer. This little portable gem is perfect for loose leaf herb and tobacco, but quickly transforms into an awesome oil vaporizer with Atmos’ handy oil attachment, making it a super versatile vape pen.

Go ahead and clutch your lucky rabbit’s foot, make an offering to Jobu, cross your fingers, perform whatever luck building act you can think of and check your email and all folders therein for that “Important message from EZVapes”. Important is an understatement, because that email means you’ve won! Just reply with the address you want your prize sent to and it’ll be on its way ASAP!

In other news, since you guys and gals seem to be loving it so much, we went ahead and extended our “OIL15” coupon code that nets you an instant 15% off any oil vaporizer on the site. So if you spent last month trigger shy, now is the time!

Not lucky enough to win this week? Well guess what, your chances at a prize today don’t stop there. We’re running our first Facebook exclusive giveaway of July for the Cosmic Titanium Dabber today as well! Read the details here to make sure you get your hat in the ring before it’s too late. And of course keep in mind we’ll be doing this all again next week, so keep your chin up if you didn’t win this week!

So cheers it up for the winners this week and we’ll see you here a week from now to find a new home for a brand new Atmos Thermo W!



  1. TovaLove says:

    How do we know who wins?
    I am new to the site, but have not seen any names listed as winners yet.

  2. christine yates says:

    i feel ya .. si how do you get to see them ? pls help thank you .. sorry im new

  3. bella smyth says:

    would love to win aint seen a uk winner 🙂

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