Joyetech eVic USB Cable


The eVic by Joyetech is a game changer for personal pen style vaporizers. This is mainly because it runs its own visual operating system which can be upgraded through your computer. A micro USB port on the side of the unit connects to your…

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DaVinci Vaporizer Screen Pack


Screens can be an absolute pain to clean, most go the route of replacing them as they are very affordable. This screen pack makes a great backup for a quick and easy replacement of the official DaVinci vaporizer screens. change as needed for…

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Joyetech eCab Necklace


The eCab by Joyetech is so stylish sleek and efficient you’ll never want to leave home without it. Now you can comfortably tote your eCab with the official Joyetech Necklace. Just place the small ring in between the battery body and the…

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