October Vaporizer Giveaways So Huge It’s Frightening!

October Vaporizer Giveaways So Huge It’s Frightening!

EZVapes October Vaporizer Giveaways

UPDATE: These giveaways have come to a close, check out our November giveaways!

We here at EZVapes are turning the spookiest month of the calendar year on its head with some absolutely awesome giveaways! No tricks here, only treats as we give out some of the best vapes available!

We have four down right diesel portable vaporizers going out this month for you to cuddle up with while watching your favorite scary movies leading up to one of my personal favorite holidays, Halloween! If you are looking for a suggestion on a scary movie to watch allow me to recommend Killer Klowns From Outer Space. If you haven’t seen it already, it is a must see. You can thank me later.

OK enough with my terrible movie suggestions, let’s get into what you really want to know: what are we giving away?!

Here’s what’s going out and when:

October 4th: Atmos Nail 510 Vape Pen

October 11th: PUFFiT X Portable Vaporizer

October 18th: Wispr 2 Vaporizer + Hard Shell Sport Case

October 25: Atmos Junior Vape Pen

Now let’s take a look at what makes each of these giveaways worth your while.

The giveaways are kicking off with a small portable vape called the Atmos Nail 510. This dastardly little device has you covered no matter what type of essential oil or concentrate you need to vaporize. Thin oils, thick waxes, and everything in between. The Nail will handle it with the greatest of ease. Not to mention its chrome exterior makes it an absolute pleasure to behold.

Next we have a brand new vaporizer, the PUFFiT X! This small portable vape may look like an inhaler, but it is actually the world’s FIRST forced air portable vape. So for those of you who are looking for something with a smooth draw, you honestly can’t beat the PUFFiT X vape. Not to mention just how discreet this unit is, even a couple employees at EZVapes were fooled by it!

The Atmos Nail and PUFFiT X

The Atmos Nail and PUFFiT X going out the first two weeks!

On week three we’ve got the recently released Wispr 2 vaporizer, an upgraded version of the super popular Wispr. Oglesby & Butler improved the design across the board, most notably adding more vents to keep it extremely cool and an improved trigger to get it going faster and easier. Of course in honor of it being October we would suggest you go with their Pumpkin color, but we’ll allow you to choose whichever color you want, including their new black color.

That isn’t it though. The winner of the Wispr 2 will get our Wispr Hard Shell Sport Case along with the Wispr 2! This super durable, smell proof, crush proof and water proof case is the ultimate protection for your new vape. The custom cut foam nestles the Wispr in nicely and there is an additional storage space to carry your parts and accessories. This all makes for one serious giveaway if you ask me.

For the final week we have yet another brand new vape that just landed at EZVapes, the Atmos Junior! The Junior may look familiar and that is because it is a more compact version of the Atmos RAW pen vaporizer, but the shorter size has geared it towards oils and concentrates rather than strictly loose leaf herbs and tobacco. The chamber has been significantly shortened to allow you to dab your waxy material on the coil with ease. Basically you have the same great vape in an even more compact size, can’t beat that.

The Wispr 2 in its hard shell sport case and the grand prize Atmos Junior

The Wispr 2 in its hard shell sport case and the grand prize Atmos Junior!

How do you get in on these giveaways you ask? Easy! Simply join our loving EZVapes community and you will be eligible for not only these giveaways, but all future giveaways as well. In addition you’ll receive our weekly vaporizer newsletter that always has some awesome content for you to check out like pictures, vaporizer reviews, unadvertised coupons and more.

Speaking of coupons and specials. Last month we gave you 15% off any portable vape you desired. Tons of you took advantage of this great deal, but I’m sure some of you missed out. That’s why we are going to keep this going for yet another month as it was the most used monthly coupon we’ve had yet! You guys and gals obviously loved the deal, so who are we to take it away? Simply use the coupon code “PORT15” at checkout and you’ll instantly get 15% off any portable vape that is in your shopping cart. We gave out a Pinnacle Pro vape last month, but if you weren’t the lucky one to snag it I would definitely recommend it. I can’t put mine down.

We’ve had such a good time the past two months giving out a new flavor e-juice to a lucky winner in our Facebook daily sharing contest that we are bringing it back again for yet another month! All month long, every weekday you can expect a nice little treat from EZVapes to make your Halloween adventures at the end of the month that much more fun! If we have yet to give away your favorite flavor let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

If you haven’t gotten in on one of the e-juice giveaways just look us up on Facebook and get involved. While you’re at it you can also follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter so you can get instant updates on everything going down at EZVapes. Also feel free to just say hi, I may be biased but I’d say we’re pretty personable fellas.

There you have it. Four awesome new prizes looking for new homes and we plan on finding just that for each and every one. Does anyone still plan on trick or treating? Unfortunately I’m at the age where if I tried to I’d probably get detained, but I seriously miss getting free Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. What was your favorite candy to get as a kid? Let us know that and which prize you want most in the comments below!



  1. Julian Lugo says:

    My favorite has always been Kit-Kat Bar…. Probably will be until I die.

    Also, I would LOVE the Atmos Nail 510 Vape Pen.

  2. Ziggy1363 says:

    Very Nice Assortment Let the Begging Commence!

  3. Tony Campanelli says:

    The candy i liked getting the most id have to say were kit-kats and paydays, babyruthies ahah..if i was lucky enough to win any of these fine prizes id be happy with any one of them, Vape is the way all day

  4. Mysteriously Unnamed says:

    I’d go fer the wispr.. curious what it taste like vaping with butane

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