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Vaporizer Cases On Sale: Weekly Coupon Special


Here at EZVapes we are always cooking up new ways to save you money on the hottest products. For a limited time (thru Aug. 18th), use coupon code “CASE15” for a 15% discount off any product from our Vaporizer Cases category. Save big bucks on anything from the super durable and water proof Vapor BLUNT […]

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Coming Soon: The Palm Vaporizer


  The Palm Vape is made by the manufacturer of the widely successful Vapor BLUNT vaporizer and is their first vaporizer since releasing the VaporBLUNT. The idea behind the Palm is pretty simple, a small hand held vape that uses rechargeable batteries that are inserted into the vape and pushed in to begin heating the […]

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Product Focus: Incredibowl m420 Deluxe


If you asked anyone outside of Colorado a couple months ago what the “Incredibowl” was they might have looked at you like you were crazy. Now you can’t really look into new pipes without running into the Incredibowl pipe or something trying to take its idea and replicate it.

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August Giveaway Announcement

DaVinci Vaporizer

With our July giveaway of the DaVinci Vaporizer Sports Kit being such a success we have decided to go ahead and give out another one! If you don’t know already, this kit comes with a premium brand Pelican hard shell water resistant case with custom foam insert to hold your DaVinci Vape, two oil cans, […]

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July Giveaway Winners

july-giveaways-featured-300x62 would like to congratulate the three winners from our July giveaways for the exclusive Gun Metal Grey Incredibowl m420 and the DaVinci Vaporizer Sport Case Kit.

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Tightvac Vacuum Storage


Tightvac Vacuum Storage is a quick and easy way to store your material and keep it fresh with the airtight seal. Tightvac herbal storage comes in a variety of sizes and even has a solid design and a tinted design that allows you to see inside the container so you know how much material is […]

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New Incredibowl m420 Color


The Incredibowl m420 continues to grow in popularity by the day, mostly thanks to its quick, portable and smooth smoking experience. The m420 pipe already comes in a plethora of colors, but now they’ve added another one and it is around for only a limited time.

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Free Volcano Kush Series Vape Case

Volcano Digit Vaporizer

Looking to buy the Volcano Vaporizer or already own one? The Volcano Kush Series VapeCase is the perfect travel bag to carry your precious Volcano vape with you anywhere you go.

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ThermoVape Revolution With Free Honey Bee Extractor


The ThermoVape Revolution is, in many people’s opinion, the best portable oil vaporizer out there right now. When vaporizing with the best, it is only natural that you also have the best way to extract your essential oils from your material.

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VaporBLUNT Pro Kit Coupon

VaporBLUNT Pro Kit Genuine Pelican Case

The VaporBLUNT is one of the most popular vaporizers out there today, regardless of a preference for portable vaporizers or table top vaporizers. From its one button operation and rechargeable battery to its stir tool cap, the VaporBLUNT makes vaporizing quick, easy and convenient no matter your location. Use it at home, in the yard, […]

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