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Fumo Pipe Now Comes in Purple

Fumo Pipe

Perhaps the biggest competitor to the Incredibowl, the Fumo Pipe has mostly flown under the radar but is quickly picking up steam. Evidence of that is their commitment to new and exciting Fumo Pipe accessories and now they are adding new colors to the mix.

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Introducing: Delta9Vapes

Persei Vaporizer Box

Delta9Vapes have released two new portable oil vaporizers aimed at making vaporizing all your essential oils and concentrates away from home quick, simple, and hassle free. Delta9Vapes promises this is just the beginning, but let’s check out their first offerings, the Persei Vaporizer and the Omicron v2 Vaporizer.

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Product Focus: DaVinci Vaporizer Sports Case Kit

DaVinci Pelican Case Closed Up

It seems like there is a new portable vape being released daily, with each one coming up with new and more convenient ways of vaporizing away from home. So being noticed when you are the new kid on the block in this ever-growing and increasingly competitive portable vaporizing market it is certainly not an easy […]

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DaVinci Vaporizer and Sport Case Giveaway


It’s July and we are giving our loyal friends and followers a chance at another awesome giveaway. This month we will be giving away the brand new DaVinci Vaporizer and Pelican Hardshell Case with custom foam absolutely free to one lucky person. All you need to do to be eligible is simply sign up for […]

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Kratomite E-Cigarette


Electronic cigarettes have quickly become a popular commodity, mostly for their simple operation and completely smoke free experience. The Kratomite E-Cigarette is the world’s first e-cig to contain Kratom, a medicinal herb that promotes an anti-pain and tranquil, relaxing, pro-pleasure feeling.

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Arizer Solo Wooden Mouthpiece

solo wood mouthpiece

Since the Arizer Solo hit the market last year it has gone through a few changes, to both the heating chamber and the glass mouthpieces. The thick cut glass mouthpieces have always been a center for debate on whether not having a screen is an advantage or disadvantage and also how portable a glass mouthpiece […]

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Ergo Grinders

Ergo Grinders

Ergo grinders are a brand new premium brand grinder company that seem like they have what it takes to grab anyone’s attention in the crowded grinder market. They don’t dazzle you with any fancy colors, but deliver in every area you would expect from a quality grinder.

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VapeTool Kit


Tired of having to become MacGyver to clean your vaporizer? Enter the VapeTool Kit, a handy little collection of four separate vaporizer tools that are double sided with different heads perfect for cleaning any type of herb chamber you can imagine. Each vaporizer tool has a durable stainless steel design and rubber surface on the […]

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ThermoVape on CNET

Check out this awesome ThermoVape video from “Always On” hosted by Molly Wood of CNET. They refer to vaporizing as “high-tech smoking” so CNET obviously has a little to learn on the subject. Nice to see a great company like Thermo Essence Technologies in the spotlight with their great line of vaporizers.

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Atmos RAW Oil Attachment

Atmos Raw portable vaporizer

The Atmos RAW is one of the smallest herbal vaporizers you can find in production today. It’s about the size of a small marker and features super fast one button operation for those who need to vaporize on the go and do it quickly. However, the RAW vaporizer was limited to just herbal blends. Until […]

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