Palm Vaporizer Sports Case

Palm Vaporizer Sports Case

UPDATE: From now until November 1st the Palm Sports Case comes FREE with all Palm Vaporizer orders!

A short time ago we announced that we would be giving away the brand new Palm Vaporizer for our September monthly giveaway. Well we can finally reveal to you every last detail about this awesome case and everything it offers to current or potential Palm Vape users.

If you haven’t yet heard, the Palm Vaporizer is one of the newest portable vaporizers out there right now and was created from the geniuses behind the VaporBLUNT. Not only does the Palm Vape have a sleek and stylish design, it is extremely durable with its polycarbonate outer shell design.

The Palm is extremely versatile as well, giving you the option of vaporizing herbs, or any essential oil or concentrate you choose. The best part is you don’t need to buy any after market or 3rd party attachment in order to vaporize oils or concentrates. Right out of the box your Palm Vape will be ready for it all and you don’t even need to change the way you operate the Palm when switching between different materials.

If you only have two batteries stored in the case you can use the extra battery spot for an extra mouthpiece or two.

The outside of the case has a beautiful glossy black finish that can be a little deceiving. Deceiving because despite its gorgeous look, it is as tough as nails. It isn’t often you see something that looks great and is still durable, it’s like having your cake and eating it too. The hard shell design can take a severe beating without showing any signs of cracking, bending or breaking. When transporting a portable vaporizer your case needs to be this tough.

On the center of the case you will see a small valve that actually looks like an opening, however, it is the complete opposite. This is Pelican’s patented “Automatic Pressure Purge” which actively keeps water, dust, or any other unwanted material out of your case at all times, protecting everything on the inside.

The foam inside the case is completely removable, so if you have something other than the Palm you want to carry in your Pelican case nothing is stopping you.

To the right of the case you will find a small key chain clip, not for climbing mind you, that seems like a small addition but actually makes a world of difference. With this clip you can attach your Palm Vaporizer case to pretty much anything to make transporting it easier. Throw it on your keys, your bag, backpack, even boat keys if you have them. The overall lightweight design of the case allows you to do this without weighing you down.

Pelican cases have built themselves an impeccable reputation when it comes to cases. Over the years Pelican have pumped out case after case with nothing but the best in durability, style, and overall quality. Thanks to their pressure purge, every one of their cases is water resistant, crush proof, dust proof, and they back all of their cases with a lifetime guarantee. Nothing says “Hey, we believe in this product 100%” better than slapping a lifetime guarantee on it.

Remove the charger to store extra parts and accessories you might need along your travels with your Palm Vape.

Not to be outdone by the outside of the case, the inside of the case is just as great. Inside you will find custom cut foam that holds your Palm Vape, three rechargeable batteries (five batteries if you include the spaces in the charger), the battery wall charger, and a 2-piece Diamond Grind premium brand herb grinder. If you don’t have that specific grinder you can always pick one up, but the case will fit any 2-piece grinder 40mm or smaller.

The wall charger is almost a perfect square, so when you pull it out of the case you are left with a blank spot perfect for almost anything. Say you have your batteries all charged up and ready to go, you can leave the wall charger at home and maybe store some extra flavored mouthpieces or cleaning accessories in its place.

Now this foam is not just your typical foam. We’ve packed this case with foam that lives up to the standard Pelican sets with the outside of the case. The EV-50 foam inside is a cross link polyethylene closed cell high impact shock resistant foam. In English, that means the foam looks great and is the toughest there is.

The strong clip on the front of the case easily snaps the case open and closed for quick and easy access.

The closed cell design means that instead of acting like a sponge like some other foams might, the EV-50 foam resists and pushes water away. This also stops the contents inside the case from ever rusting over or getting any type of mold build up that you might experience with a cheap case. So if any water does get through Pelican’s defenses (very unlikely) the foam acts as a second defense.

EV-50 foam also has the highest tensile tear performance of any foam available. Meaning you probably have a better chance at ripping a phone book in half with your bare hands than you do with this foam. Foams of this build have been well known to last over 10 years without showing any signs of deterioration or decay. In other words, EV-50 foam is the Pelican brand of the foam world.

There are few times you can say you really have found the best option when looking into anything, but when looking for protection for your Palm portable vaporizer we can confidently say you will find nothing better. You can pick up the case by itself on the Palm Vaporizer Sports Case product page or add it on to a new order for the Palm Vape.


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