Plenty Of Amazing Giveaways In April

Plenty Of Amazing Giveaways In April

UPDATE: This month’s giveaways have come to a close, check out our new giveaways for the month of May!

April. A month kicked off by pranking your best friends, followed by a massive celebration on the 20th, and then concluded by heading full steam into summer. We had such a great time every week getting to give one of our loyal customers and newsletter subscribers a brand new G Pen that we want to experience that same excitement week in and week out again, as we are sure you do as well. But let’s kick it up a notch this month, shall we?

We know not everyone is ready for a vaporizer, so this month we are giving out a brand new Prometheus Pipe every Friday, alternating between the Prometheus Pocket Pipe and the Prometheus Titan Pipe just like we did with the micro G and the G Pen.

Here’s the schedule:

  • April 5th: Prometheus Pocket
  • April 12th: Prometheus Titan
  • April 19th: Plenty Vaporizer and Prometheus Pocket (2 separate winners will be selected!)
  • April 26th: Prometheus Titan

If you haven’t heard of the Prometheus Pipe yet allow us to give you a quick crash course. The Prometheus Pipes have a super tough aluminum exoskeleton that wraps around and protects the glass bowl and the glass stem of the pipe. Giving you the smooth and tasteful experience of glass, but without the headache of worrying about how fragile glass can be.

The Prometheus Pocket is the little brother of the group, at only about 5 inches long, while the Prometheus Titan is just that, a hulking piece of pipe art. The Prometheus Pipes even have their own respective oil kits, allowing you to turn the Prometheus into an amazing portable oil vaporizer.

But how is the Prometheus Pipe giveaway really “kicking it up a notch” over the G Pen Giveaway? On April 20th we will be giving away the powerhouse Plenty vaporizer to one lucky newsletter subscriber.

Storz & Bickel, creators of the Volcano and considered by many to be the Godfathers of vaping, released this insane whip vaporizer about a year ago now and it really delivered to the level you would expect from them. For a ton more info check out our recent Plenty Vaporizer review.

Becoming eligible is still the same easy one step process, sign up for our vaporizer newsletter and on the day the contest winner is picked check your inbox (and any spam of bulk folder). It’s that easy.

So there you have it, if last month is any measure this month’s giveaways should be an absolute blast.


  • Stephen Sagutch

    i gotta win a vaporizer , email me asap when i win hah ha
    if i win

  • Amanda Apathy

    omg i want th plenty vaporiser

  • Corey Black

    I guarantee I’ll respond straight away if I win :) awesome giveaways guys!!

  • Troy

    would love to win any of them!! my birthday is this month!!!

  • Anthony Marini

    Yeah the Plenty would be nice for my garage, blend right in with my tools. :)

  • Toddler

    where do they post the winners?

  • Lena Blue

    Where do I register for the free stuff?

    • EZVapes

      Hi Lena, you can sign up for our newsletter here: which makes you eligible for all our giveaways!

  • Michael Hartman

    where do they post the winners???

  • Cory Tash

    hope i did this right it would be nice

    • EZVapes

      Hey Cory, just checked and you did indeed sign up and are now eligible for our giveaways, good luck!

  • Robert Williams

    I’ve been eyeing a Prometheus for a while. *Crosses fingers*

  • Claire Mary Murphy Buck

    I’ve been smoking since 1972, and will never stop. I’ve tried one of these and they are awesome! I want one badly!

  • Patrick hoag

    Would be nice my Prometheus grew legs and walked away cuz iv torn my house apart looking… bad day

  • Charles Edson Rogers Jr.

    I check my e-mail more now than ever.Thank you for the chance to win.Peace and One Love…

  • Marc

    I hope I win one . That would cool.

  • Andrew Tuttle

    Oh wow never won anything before it would be a miracle to win a prometheus titan!

  • Gloria Miller

    So awesome that you guys are giving away free stuff!! You guyz are the Shiznits!! Keep it up!

  • Troy Alringer

    ooooh (hand raised) pick me!!!!

  • JF Webster

    So glad to have found you guys. Stroke took me down a peg so I hope I’ve registered correctly.

  • Angela Konicek

    Did I sign up right?

    • EZVapes

      Hi Angela, yup you are all signed up, good luck!