Vaporizer Review: Arizer Solo

Vaporizer Review: Arizer Solo

The Arizer Solo is still relatively new as far as vaporizers are concerned, being released just under a year ago. However, the manufacturer Arizer Tech out of Canada have been an authority in vaporizing for over 10 years now. From their original V-Tower Vaporizer that paved the way for digital vaporizers you see today to the second generation Extreme Q 4.0, Arizer has been providing the vaporizing community with nothing but top quality products. But did they continue this trend with the Arizer Solo? Let’s delve deeper into what exactly the Solo vaporizer is all about.

Starting with the construction, when you pick up the Arizer Solo you immediately get that feel of high quality. The durable aluminum outer shell has a nice weight to it that has that perfect balance where it isn’t too heavy, yet you still know it can take a beating.

Durable design is incredibly important with portable vaporizers considering many take them almost everywhere with them. So the Solo being built as solid as it is gives it an immediate advantage over the more flimsy portables out there. For its mouthpiece the Solo uses glass tubes, one angled and one straight. Now you might be thinking “How exactly is glass durable?”. Well, the glass tubes have a thick cut glass that would take some extra force or carelessness to break.

It’s always a good thing when your portable vaporizer is almost as small as the charger.

One hassle with portable vaporizers can be replacing the screens, especially when you aren’t home at the time. The Arizer Solo got rid of this inconvenience by simply adding four small holes to the bowl end of the glass tube. This way your material doesn’t sneak through and you never have to worry about replacing a screen. When it comes time to clean the mouthpieces you can do so by just soaking them in some rubbing alcohol for a couple hours and then rinsing them off with warm water. No scrubbing or hard work involved.

To make things simple, the Arizer Solo has seven pre-set heat levels you can set by using the up and down arrows on the front of the Solo. Also to not overcrowd the vaporizer with buttons, you turn the Solo on and off by holding the up and down arrow buttons simultaneously. This is also going to ensure you don’t accidentally turn the Solo on if it is in your pocket. Once you find your desired temperature level you can go back to that temp each time you turn on the Solo by holding the down arrow for a couple seconds. This way you can turn on the Solo and set the temperature super fast. Here is a break down of all the Solo’s temperature levels and their exact temperature:

Level 1: 50° Celsius – 122° Fahrenheit
Level 2: 185° Celsius – 365° Fahrenheit
Level 3: 190° Celsius – 374° Fahrenheit
Level 4: 195° Celsius – 383° Fahrenheit
Level 5: 200° Celsius – 392° Fahrenheit
Level 6: 205° Celsius – 401° Fahrenheit
Level 7: 210° Celsius – 410° Fahrenheit

The Arizer Solo Wooden Mouthpiece comes with a screen, for those that feel the Solo is better suited for use with a screen instead of the standard tubes with four small holes.

The Solo vaporizer has an automatic shut off feature put in specifically for safety. The last thing you want to do is leave something sitting around pumping out temperatures up to 410° unattended. After twelve minutes the Solo will automatically power down and begin to cool. You will hear a beep come from the Solo, the same beep you hear when you turn it on or off, that lets you know it is powering down, so if you are still using it you will immediately notice and can turn it back on. An auto shut off is standard for most portable vaporizers, but the Solo is the only one that actually gives a signal of any kind that the auto shut off has initiated. A small, but very welcome convenience.

Like a lot of other rechargeable vapes, the Arizer Solo uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery to power it. But the difference maker here is the Solo’s battery can last through up to three hours of continuous vaporization. This is by far the longest lasting battery for any portable vaporizer. The battery also has a lifespan of up to 2,000 complete charge cycles, giving you a great long lasting vaporizer you can depend on.

You can’t use the Solo while charging, however, you can use it even on a dead battery with the A/C Power adapter.

Since the Solo’s release in June of 2011 it has gone through several changes. One minor change was in the glass mouthpiece tubes. Originally, instead of the four holes they have now, in the bowl end of the mouthpiece there were only two holes. Adding the extra two holes increased vapor flow, giving you less resistance when you pull from the mouthpiece. The major change though was to the heating chamber. Some experienced a cosmetic issue where the ceramic coating on the heating chamber started to chip. Arizer immediately addressed the issue with their newer “M106” and “M107” models that have a stainless steel heating chamber. However, this did not affect the Solo’s performance and actually ended up making it heat up about half a minute faster.

Where the Solo truly shines though is its vapor quality. The Solo is inexplicably capable of creating vapor so dense you might think you are using a table top vaporizer, not a tiny portable vape. The efficiency at which it vaporizes is incredible as well. The Solo can stretch your material far longer than you would expect. One pack of the Solo can be twice what you might get out of the same amount in another portable vaporizer.

To say that Arizer lived up to its great reputation with the Arizer Solo is a gross understatement. If you have been waiting to take the plunge into portable vaporizing, or vaporizing in general, the Solo is a very safe bet and a great first step. You can check out the current deal we have on the Solo here.


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