Secret Vape Arizer Solo Vaporizer Case

Secret Vape Arizer Solo Vaporizer Case

Vaporizer Cases are quickly becoming a necessity with portable vaporizers and the Secret Vape Arizer Solo Vaporizer Case is bringing us something brand new. These cases are made with discretion in mind, with their look mimicking a book perfectly so you can fool any curious person in its presence.

The Secret Vape line of cases make leaving your vaporizer out in the open worry free, no more hiding your prized portable vaporizer in a shoebox or under your bed. The Secret Vape Arizer Solo Vaporizer case comes in three different styles; an Ancient Book design, Stainless Steel design, and a Leather Print design.

No one would ever know that one of the world’s best portable vaporizers is in there.

Each Secret Vape vaporizer case has a strong and durable build that will take a heavy beating and the button locks keep the case closed at all times until you want it open. The leather outside looks like an expensive book and the fake page design lining the case matches perfectly with the theme.

Once you open the case you won’t find any text or stories, rather a spot for your Arizer Solo, two aromatherapy dishes, two glass mouthpieces, a spot for a 2.5″ or under grinder, the wall charger, and two additional storage areas to hold whatever you would like.

But when you open it up you can see everything can be easily tucked away safe from harm and prying eyes.

The foam is a shock resistant, anti-bacterial foam that stops any mold from growing in the case and is also water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about any accidental spills on your desk damaging the case or its contents. Discretion is key with the Secret Vape Case, but they did not skimp on durability and design.

The ancient book style is the flashiest of all of the cases, made to look like a huge encyclopedia. Its fake page design is gold instead of the standard white look and the straps to keep the case shut have buckles, matching the ancient theme. This design would be perfect for a book shelf already lined with encyclopedias or next to a dictionary.

The Ancient Book design has a plush front and back, making it look even more like an expensive book.

The stainless steel design is a bit deceiving as it has no actual steel on it at all. This design sports a leather square with a steel look to replicate what a journal or scrap book might look like. So if you are the type of person who does scrap booking others wouldn’t even think twice to look at the case.

The leather print design gives you a huge variety to choose from to really up the discretion level. Play guitar? Pick up the Secret Vape Case with the guitar player on front and back. Love gardening? There’s a nature design that makes it look like nothing more than a gardening book.

If you don’t want any design at all you are covered as well, as the leather print design comes in a plain leather style with no markings on it at all. No “The Secret V” anywhere on there, giving you a completely unassuming design. For more information, or to pick one up, head on over to EZVapes.


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