Tactical Hit Company Dugouts

Tactical Hit Company Dugouts

Tactical Hit Company is still a relatively new manufacturer, first releasing their dugouts about 6 months ago. Made right here in the US, they took everyone by storm with their incredible design and beautiful look. Where most dugouts sacrifice a little bit of quality and durability in order to look good, Tactical dugouts make achieving both at the same time look easy.

The first thing you will instantly notice when picking up one of the Tactical Hit Company’s dugouts is just how solid it is. These things can take a ridiculous beating and still look brand new. On the universal two sided dugout you have both a top and bottom latch that snaps open revealing a cigarette bat, two storage spaces and a poker/maintenance tool.

You can use the black suede carrying bag to carry the dugout itself, or anything else you might need to take with you that won’t fit inside the dugout.

When you twist open the top you will have the spring loaded cigarette bat come out and it will also reveal the first and largest storage compartment in the dugout. Twist open the bottom and you get a spring loaded cleaning and maintenance tool, as well as an additional storage space perfect for storing more of the same material or another material you don’t want mixed.

With the first generation two sided dugout you get the stainless steel three hitter that has jagged edges on the bowl end of the bat so you can actually give your material a good grinding while it is in the storage compartment and pack it at the same time. You don’t even need to bother removing your material before use, or grinding the material before storing it.

The original THC Dugout comes with a three hitter with a jagged bowl end that acts as a grinder.

Now with the newest Tactical Hit Company Universal Two Sided Dugout it comes with an all glass cigarette bat. This glass bat has a beautiful design on the inside of the glass that makes each bat different from the last. Tactical Hit Co. is one of the first companies to successfully make a dugout that houses an all glass cigarette bat without risk of cracking or breaking.

If you have been using dugouts for years and find yourself constantly replacing them these dugouts are what you have been waiting for.


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