Three Prizes Looking For Three Loving Homes

We had a couple prizes get claimed last week, but as some get claimed more join the party! [Read more…]

It’s That Time Again, 4 More Winners Picked!

This is complete madness. Here we are wrapping up another crazy month of giveaways and we still have one of our prizes from last month and three(!!!) giveaways still left from this month! As promised, we’ve drawn winners for all four prizes and contacted the winners moment ago. [Read more…]

Plenty Of Amazing Giveaways In April

UPDATE: This month’s giveaways have come to a close, check out our new giveaways for the month of May!

April. A month kicked off by pranking your best friends, followed by a massive celebration on the 20th, and then concluded by heading full steam into summer. We had such a great time every week getting to give one of our loyal customers and newsletter subscribers a brand new G Pen that we want to experience that same excitement week in and week out again, as we are sure you do as well. But let’s kick it up a notch this month, shall we? [Read more…]