EZVapes Sizzling Summer Vaporizer Giveaways!

Summer is in full swing and we really hope you have been taking advantage of that. But before summer comes to a close, we want to help you enjoy it to the max with a free new vape! [Read more…]

Overview: Dube 2 18kt Gold Edition

White Rhino has really come into its own in the last year or so product-wise, and the 18KT Dube 2 could very well be considered a bit of a celebratory extravagance. Before we talk about precious metals though, let us first focus on the Dube 2 itself, which is still essentially what you’re buying here. [Read more…]

Overview: Atmos Ole

The Atmos Ole is the one of the newest incarnations of pocket vaporizers to hit the market this year, and certainly something to be excited about. [Read more…]