The Arizer Solo Wooden Mouthpiece Is Back

Arizer Solo Exotice Wooden Mouthpiece

It’s been gone for a quite a while now, but the Arizer Solo wooden mouthpiece has finally returned.

This exotic granadillo wood stem comes complete with a screen, solving one issue many have with the Solo glass tubes. Most believed that the lack of screen was a down side, with too much material slipping through the tiny holes.

There’s no telling how long we will have these around, as their availability fluctuates since they are hand made, so pick one up fast!


  1. yooper 420 says

    Love the Solo. Hate sucking the product into my mouth. Solved by adding a screen that covers the 4 holes. Had the right size in my stash box, so it does not fall out. Works great.

  2. Hope you’ve got a strong pair of lungs as the wooden stem is VERY DIFFICULT to draw through. Definitely needs to be re-tooled.

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