The DaVinci Vape Has Arrived

The DaVinci Vape Has Arrived

One of the newest products to join the wide selection of vaporizers at EZVapes is the versatile DaVinci Vaporizer. The DaVinci Vape enters an already crowded portable vaporizer market, but there are several key features that really make it stand out and demand your attention.

The DaVinci has a small hand held design that fits comfortably in your grip with a small “flexi-straw” whip stemming from the top. The flexi-straw is a nice short length that makes the DaVinci Vape easily fit in your pocket, but long enough to give the vapor ample time to cool down. But if you do happen to find the mouthpiece interfering with the DaVinci fitting in your pocket don’t worry, it easily screws off and on in seconds.

On the face of the DaVinci portable vaporizer you have a digital temperature display that will always keep you informed on the current temperature of the vaporizer. Having the temperature easily displayed for you at all times lets you know exactly when it’s time to start vaporizing.

The DaVinci Vape is powered by three separate lithium-ion batteries that combine to give you up to an hour of continuous vaporization. When it is time to charge the batteries back up it is as easy as plugging it in to the included wall charger, reaching a full charge in about an hour. You never have to worry about refilling any butane or carrying a lighter with you. Your DaVinci will be all you need.

Quickly load your pre-packed oil cans directly into the space on the cap of the DaVinci Vaporizer.

When you open the DaVinci’s herb chamber cap, which snaps and locks shut, you reveal the real advantages to this vaporizer. First, you have a storage area that can hold up to three times the amount needed to pack the DaVinci and a small cleaning brush that is perfect for cleaning out the DaVinci after each use. With these two features alone you have everything at your disposal for multiple vaporizing sessions on the go.

Included with the DaVinci Vaporizer are two small “oil cans” that give you the ability to vaporizer your essential oils and concentrates. These oil cans easily fit right into the top of the herb chamber’s cap by unscrewing the screen and inserting the oil can right inside. From there you are all set to vaporize your essential oil or concentrate of choice, no hassle, no mess.

All of these great features really make the DaVinci Vape a stand out star amongst portable vaporizers. Learn more about the DaVinci here.


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