Two Vape Pens Up For Grabs This Week!

Two Vape Pens Up For Grabs This Week!

Everybody enjoying this heat wave as much as we are?! It has been brutally hot and we want to keep these awesome giveaways rolling, so let’s get to it!

After having a pretty successful week last week with two winners claiming their prizes we hope to keep that good luck going. With the Atmos RAW and eGo-C off the board we now have the unclaimed Atmos Thermo W from last week and the new prize this week, the Dube portable vaporizer.

The Dube is incredibly small, only measuring out to around 5 inches long and as thin as a standard ink pen. It can vaporize loose leaf herbs and tobacco as well as waxes, making it very versatile for its size. The Thermo W is made specifically for waxes, which is what the “W” in the title actually signifies. This bad boy can handle any wax you throw its way, no matter how thick.

One of these pens just may be yours, find out by checking your email inbox and all folders in your email for that message from us that you’ve won. If you did win first of all congrats! Secondly, send us the address you want it sent to! That way we can get it out to you as fast as possible and you can start enjoying.

Whether you won or not our two month long sale on oil vaporizers is coming to a close soon, so if you have been waiting on something this is your warning that you’re running out of time! Just use the coupon code “OIL15” at checkout to get 15% off your new oil vape.

Now make sure you head over to our Facebook page because shortly we’ll be having our sharing contest for a chance to win some awesome pure grade 2 titanium nails. It’s really easy to enter and a ton of fun, so definitely check it out!

We’ve got only one week left for the summer vape pen giveaways (where did the time go?!) and we can’t wait to devise another fun month of giveaways for our awesome fans. Next week we’ll be adding the Joyetech eCab Starter Kit to the mix, you definitely don’t want to miss out on your chance to win that amazing vape pen.



  1. christine yates says:

    this would be cool to win .. good luck everyone

  2. Lee Williams says:

    could really enjoy a smoke free high with 1 of these – PHULEASE

  3. Ziggy1363 says:

    Yes I got the notice that I didn’t win again thank you. God thang I’ve bought a couple pens from my local stores to support my home town!

  4. Trevor Parchman says:

    Yea these would be cool as shiza!! hah that or a vaporblunt!

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