VapeCase iPhone Vaporizer Review

VapeCase iPhone Vaporizer Review

It’s always a funny thing to see a random idea you thought would be cool come to fruition. That certainly is the case with the VapeCase vaporizer by Lotus.

I remember about a month ago just innocently thinking to myself, “Man, I wish my phone was a vaporizer.” of course not considering it a possibility. Well, that’s why I don’t develop vaporizers and only write about them.

While this isn’t a phone that is a vaporizer, it is the next best thing. The VapeCase is a phone case for the iPhone 5/5S with a 510 threaded port to fit most 510 compatible tanks to vaporize the material of your choice, as well as a 4 stage variable voltage battery to tune the experience to your liking depending on the material being used.

My first thought when seeing the case in its (very nice) packaging was that it had better offer at least the protection of a standard phone case, because I can’t envision many buyer’s being willing to sacrifice the much larger monetary investment of an iPhone just to strap a vape to it. Luckily the VapeCase has a very durable outer shell and still maintains a lightweight design.

The 510 thread port on top fits most 510 tanks/cartridges easily.

Included with the VapeCase you get a 510 to eGo adapter for any carts with a recessed thread, a stainless steel “beauty collar” to hide cartridge connection, and a USB charger complete with wall adapter. You have everything you need minus an actual cartridge, which most already have their favorite cart ready to go so including a cartridge isn’t necessary here, but of course wouldn’t hurt.

The 2000mAh lithium-ion battery surprisingly doesn’t weight the case down in the slightest, you’d honestly never know there is even a battery inside. On the right side you have the micro USB charging port, power button, and 5 LED indicator lights for battery level, voltage level, and ignition indicator letting you know it engaged and heating up while you are holding the power button.

On the left hand side you have the 4 stage variable voltage switch to select the four different voltage settings: 2.75V, 3.5V, 4.25V and 5.0V respectively. I was a little skeptical about the 2.75V and how it would be necessary, but it gives those who wants the smoothest vape possible a viable option.

The VapeCase iPhone Vape in action with a HempVap CBD cartridge attached.

The VapeCase also has some built in safeguards to protect the battery as well as your phone. The 15A power protection channels the power through the battery so you can avoid over or under battery charge that can easily destroy a battery. If the unit does short out for any reason the VapeCase will immediately turn itself off, where you then have to connect the battery to the wall charger to reactivate.

The number one safety feature is the way the case is designed to avoid any e-juice from leaking out of your cartridge and damaging your phone. Lotus has gone through extensive measures adding in certain wells in the case that will flow leaked juice away from the phone, as well as the way the case secures to the phone. The last thing you need is e-juice on that shiny new iPhone.

I tried out the VapeCase with a couple different cartridges. I used the HELOS-X for some concentrates on the go, but found the glass globe to be a little too cumbersome for my pocket. That was easily fixed by instead switching to the eDab Stealth cartridge with its slimmer design. For e-juice I used the Kanger MT3S and found that to work great since it is also on the smaller size.

What if you don’t have an iPhone 5/5S? Yes if you do not have an iPhone 5/5S this vape just isn’t for you. Luckily though the manufacturer is working on other popular models, such as the Samsung Galaxy, that should be released soon, possibly as early as late February/early March.

The eDab Stealth cartridge worked nicely, but that may be as big as you want to go as far as cartridge size.

One complaint I have with this vape, which may be a bit unreasonable, is that you have to use two chargers. If you are charging your iPhone with the standard Apple charger you also have to plug the micro USB into the VapeCase as well. Having the case charge through the phone battery though is something that is probably near impossible, so this is just me nitpicking.

The VapeCase is probably best suited for someone that carries their phone in a bag more than someone who has it in their pocket. It’s definitely possible to throw it in your pocket, but you might not find it to be all that comfortable.

The bottom line is you have a vape attached to your phone. Is it perfect? No. But the sheer convenience of it makes its minor shortcomings completely bearable. If you find yourself with a phone in one hand and a vape pen in the other constantly then the VapeCase iPhone Vape is hands down going to make your life easier.


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