Vaporizer Review: Arizer Extreme Q

Vaporizer Review: Arizer Extreme Q

In a market that is crowded with all types of vaporizers with all different types of options, it is hard to find the full package. If you love balloon inflation you have something like the Volcano Vaporizer. If you love whip inhalation then you have something like the Vapolution 2.0 or VaporTower. What about those who want both options? Well, let us introduce you to the Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 Vaporizer.

The Extreme Q Vaporizer is a table top vape made by Arizer Tech, a company from Canada that has released a number of amazing vaporizers aside from the Extreme Q such as the Arizer Solo and the similar V-Tower. Of the three vaporizers the Extreme Q is the middle child, being released as a direct upgrade over the former V-Tower.

The build of the Arizer Extreme Vaporizer is really solid. It has a strong, wide base with rubber stoppers on the bottom to keep the Q 4.0 in place while in use. The tower part of the vape has a strong aluminum build with a dark chrome finish that really gives it a sleek look.

The Tuff Bowl (left) is the same as the Cyclone Bowl (right) but with an added impact resistant cover.

When you look toward the top you will see an opening with a glass piece attached to the ceramic heating element. This glass piece acts as the vessel to attach the different pieces to use with the Extreme Q to vaporize. You are supplied with both a 3ft whip with ground glass connector and glass mouthpiece for direct inhalation as well as a 3″ mini whip that you use to attach the vapor balloons.

The next thing that will immediately catch your eye is the remote. Yes, the Arizer Q Vaporizer comes with a remote. The remote is not necessary to operate the Extreme Q, as you can control all menu options on the front of the vaporizer, but it makes it a lot quicker and easier.

As you might have guessed, the Extreme vape offers dual functionality, meaning you can vaporize using vapor balloons or use a whip for direct inhalation. There are very few vaporizers that offer both options and even fewer that offer both and do it right. Want options when you vaporize? The Extreme Q 4.0 gives you options.

Although they are exactly the same as far as function, newer Extreme Q vaporizers have a darker chrome finish.

Once you plug in the Extreme Vaporizer and turn it on, either with the power button on the front or using the remote, you will see the main blue LED light up with the menu and current temperature it is set at. You will also see the base of the Extreme Q glow blue as well, giving it a nice aesthetic look. We suggest starting around 365° Fahrenheit.

When you first turn on the Q vaporizer it will display the temperature in Celsius, rather than Fahrenheit. To change over to Fahrenheit all you have to do is push the “Menu” button six times and then use the arrows to switch between Celsius or Fahrenheit and you are all set.

When looking at the remote you will notice a few things aside from the standard power button. At the top you have the option to turn the LED lights off as well as a button to mute any beeping the unit makes when making menu selections. These may seem like minor features, but having the option to mute the sound and turn the lights off go a long way when you need to be discreet.

Both the menu and base of the Extreme vaporizer have a beautiful blue LED glow.

Next you will find three different time settings of 0 hours, 2 hours, or 4 hours, to set your auto shut off feature. The key one is the setting of 0 hours to turn off the auto shut off feature entirely. One major complaint across all vaporizers is the inability to change or turn off the auto shut off feature on most vaporizers, so Arizer did right by adding this feature.

Under the auto shut off options you have 4 different fan speed settings including off, which displays as o, then settings for speeds 1, 2 and 3. These settings are for when you are filling vapor balloons using the Extreme, however, we have found that using fan setting 1 or 2 while using the whip can actually enhance your experience.

Lastly on the remote you have preset temperatures, displayed by Celsius, in increments of 50°, 100°, 200°, 210°, 220° and 230°. Those temperatures in Fahrenheit would be 122°, 212°, 392°, 410°, 428° and 446°. In between these numbers you will also find + and – buttons to increase or decrease the temperature one degree at a time to find that perfect spot, the presets just give you a good jumping off point.

Using the whip with the Extreme Q vaporizer is incredibly easy. When the Q is at your temperature all you do is place the glass cyclone bowl into the top where the glass piece is surrounding the ceramic heating element. From there you load your material into the cyclone bowl and attach the whip end on top.

The Cyclone Bowl allows you to attach either the whip or balloon piece so you don’t need to switch where your material is held.

Using the balloon works exactly the same, except you attach the 3″ mini whip to the cyclone bowl instead of the full whip. From there you attach the balloon mouthpiece, with bag attached, to the end of the mini whip and then turn the fan on using the remote or the menu on the Arizer Q.

Both methods deliver amazingly smooth and cool vapor and Arizer did very well providing customers with a lot of great accessory options. The tuff bowl is the same as the cyclone bowl, but it is surrounded by an impact resistant gel that strongly avoids breaking or cracking. The portable battery pack turns your Q vape into the best portable vaporizer you could possibly ask for.

Another great accessory is the glass elbow adapter. The elbow adapter can connect to the 3″ mini whip to then give you the tool you need to connect your Extreme Q 4.0 to your water tool. Adding the water filtration to your session makes the vapor incredibly smooth and cool, totally enhancing the entire experience.

The Extreme Q vaporizer was released years ago, but despite its age it delivers vapor quality and ease of use up there with powerhouses like the Volcano Digit and comes at under half the price. No one is sure what is next for Arizer Tech, but you can be sure that their next release, whenever that may be, is highly anticipated by the entire vaporizing community. To see what we are offering with the Extreme Q head over to our Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 product page.


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