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August Giveaway Announcement

With our July giveaway of the DaVinci Vaporizer Sports Kit being such a success we have decided to go ahead and give out another one! If you don’t know already, this kit comes with a premium brand Pelican hard shell water resistant case with custom foam insert to hold your DaVinci Vape, two oil cans, flexi-straw mouthpiece, and an additional space to store whatever you would like. [Read more…]

July Giveaway Winners would like to congratulate the three winners from our July giveaways for the exclusive Gun Metal Grey Incredibowl m420 and the DaVinci Vaporizer Sport Case Kit. [Read more…]

Tightvac Vacuum Storage

Tightvac Vacuum Storage is a quick and easy way to store your material and keep it fresh with the airtight seal. Tightvac herbal storage comes in a variety of sizes and even has a solid design and a tinted design that allows you to see inside the container so you know how much material is left. [Read more…]