Archives for August 2012

Incredibowl m420 in Silver

In an effort to appease all the loyal fans out there, Incredibowl has added yet another color option for all you m420 lovers. The new silver color almost looks chrome, with all the same features you have grown to love such as the small portable design, nearly indestructible build, and smooth smoking experience. [Read more…]

Product Focus: The Palm Vaporizer

Recently we briefly outlined the impending arrival of the Palm Vaporizer. Well, it has finally arrived and we are definitely psyched to show you the ins and outs of this great new portable vaporizer. The Palm Vape represents VaporBLUNT’s second foray into portable vaporizers and with such a strong first showing it is needless to say everyone’s expectations were high. [Read more…]

How to Clean the Vapor BLUNT

General maintenance and upkeep is something necessary for most vaporizers, the VaporBLUNT is no exception. Properly cleaning out your VaporBLUNT vaporizer after each use is not only going to cut down on any long, tenuous cleaning session, but also greatly increase the overall lifespan of your vaporizer. [Read more…]