Archives for September 2012

Vapor BLUNT Price Drop

The VaporBLUNT has been one of the most popular portable vaporizers around for a while now, garnering attention for its incredibly easy to use design and unbeatable vapor quality. If you have been thinking about picking up the VaporBLUNT, but didn’t have the extra cash for it you will be happy to hear that it has now received a significant price cut. [Read more…]

Herb Grinders on Sale: 15% Off All Grinders

An herb grinder is an essential piece when using a vaporizer. Whereas a lot of people may have the same vaporizer, a grinder kind of becomes a person’s way of separating themselves from the crowd. That’s why this week we are having a special sale on ALL herb grinders on our site for just one week. [Read more…]

New Incredibowl i420 Accessories

The Incredibowl m420 seems to be getting all the attention lately, mainly because people need something a little more portable most times. However, these new accessories straight from Incredibowl might be enough to have people looking the i420’s way again. [Read more…]