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Pineapple Energy SToK E-Juice


Puff on the flavor of ripe pineapple while you get your energy fix with SToK USA's NRG blend. Take a few puffs of the pineapple flavored e-juice and experience an energizing boost unlike any other. SToK' NRG blend is bottled in the…

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Joyetech eVic Battery Tube Black


Joyetech's eVic battery mod is the mack daddy of pen vaporizers because it gives complete control and reporting of the vapor sessions to the user. The battery tube makes the connection from the battery to the eVic controller head and feeds…

Link – Joyetech eVic Battery Tube Black

eDab HELOS Deluxe Kit


The HELOS by eDab is a precision pen-style vaporizer designed specifically for use with essential oils, waxy material, and other concentrates. Boasting advanced features not available on similar glass globe vaporizers, the HELOS is easily at the…

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