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EZVapes 420 Buyer’s Guide 2015

The clock is ticking and 420 will be here before you know it. As you know, we have an alarming amount of discounts and deals going on right now, so we thought we’d hold your hand through several different categories of vapes and other accessories to find what’s best for you. Let’s get started. [Read more…]

420 Mega Sale: 8 Unbeatable April Deals You Can’t Miss!

Drats, the April sale has ended, but you can check out the May promos by clicking here.

We may be a few weeks away from 420, but that’s no reason to wait that long to start gearing up. EZVapes is making it as easy on your wallet as possible this year with 8 hot deals you can’t let slip by. [Read more…]

Early April 2015: New at EZVapes

The madness that is 420 is quickly approaching and we don’t want you to miss a beat while you gear up to celebrate for the holiday. Take a peek at what we’ve got here at EZVapes that is hot off the factory line. [Read more…]