3 Winners Picked For Giveaway Day!

We didn’t have a single prize claimed last week. Not one! This is of course good news for all of you as we now have three prizes being drawn for three brand new winners!

Believe it or not this is now the 8th time we are trying to get this Incredibowl m420 pipe in the hands of a winner. This is getting a little out of hand to be honest. But you know us, we’re relentless and we WILL find a new home for this poor little guy.

The Atmos Nail vape pen saw a similar fate to the m420 with the winner asleep at the wheel. Who wouldn’t want this vape?! Not only does it vaporize almost anything under the sun, but the chrome exterior is super eye catching and sleek.

New this week is the world’s FIRST forced air portable vape, the PUFFiT X vaporizer! The forced air means this tiny and discreet vape slowly delivers the vapor with a tiny fan to make your draw super smooth and easy. I just tried one recently for the first time and I have to say it impressed me, the forced air really improved the experience.

Now would be the time to check your email inbox for a message from us letting you know that you have won one of the three prizes. Be sure you check any spam folder or sub-folder in your email so you don’t miss it! That’s how we continuously run into winners not claiming their prizes. It’s not like they are looking at the email and just brushing it off, at least I hope not because that would be a bad move on their part!

Not lucky enough to win this week? Don’t worry, we still have our daily e-juice giveaway on our Facebook page coming up in a matter of moments. The odds of winning are really good, so head over to our Facebook page and give it a go. When you see the picture of the e-juice posted just hit the share button, that’s it!

So you know how to become eligible for the e-juice giveaways, but if you are not sure if you are eligible for our giveaways every Friday allow me to assist you. Simply join the EZVapes community here and you will be automatically eligible for all our future giveaways. Plus you get our weekly newsletter with tons of great pics and reviews of new products and even unadvertised deals and coupons.

Speaking of deals and coupons, we actually have two great ones going on right now. First we have our sale on portable vapes where you can get 15% off any one you want. We have a huge selection of only the best, but if you want my opinion I say get the Pinnacle Pro vape and get it now. Still can’t put mine down and don’t plan to any time soon. Just use the coupon code PORT15 at checkout and you’ll instantly save.

As for deals, we have the Wispr 2, which happens to be next week’s prize, that comes with a FREE hard shell sport case with custom foam. You can even combine the two and get 15% off the Wispr 2 vaporizer and get the case as well! It’s understandable if you want to wait to see if you can win one next week, but definitely keep this in mind if you don’t win.

I wish you all the best of luck this week and hope that all of these prizes get claimed over the weekend. If not you know we’ll be drawing new winners for them and if they are claimed we’ll at least have the Wispr 2 and case going out. So only about 2 and a half weeks until Halloween, everyone have their costumes planned out? Let us know what you’re going be in the comments!


  1. My heart goes out to the poor little homeless guy that no one seems to want, I feel for him so much I’d happily give the Incredibowl Mini M420 a safe and loving home, surrounded by friends and good times.
    He’d love it here & we would be happy to have him ;-}
    Keep up the good work guys,
    Spread the Word, Spread da’ Weed

  2. jason chavez says

    Thank you ezVape I’ll be waiting on my atom nail vape pen

  3. Sure could use a bowl with 420 in the name! That would be SWEET way to ease my pain!

  4. Gerry Budmonster-whiteshark Go says

    hell my 50th bday is next month , give it to me , ill clai it , would be the best gift i could get right about now

  5. Brian O'Connell says

    How would I know if I won? Would I be notified in email?

    • Yes you would get an email with the subject line “Important message from EZVapes” letting you know that you won and which prize exactly you won.

  6. paul varin says

    never won anything but a will.

  7. I really would like to win this week lol

  8. Charlene A Wilson says

    I’ll take it if it’s not claimed.

  9. SmoothHead Johnny says

    HEY!!! An Incredibowl M420 would do WONDERS at making my radically LESS than incrediBald green eyes GREENer – and stuff. Call me ‘available!’ But, ya’s doesn’t hasta call me ‘Johnson!’

  10. SmoothHead Johnny says

    ‘My Disqus’ dissed my comment…

  11. SmoothHead Johnny says

    NEWS FLASH!!! Incredibowl M420 found to cure common baldness & ‘shaved head syndrome.’ Film @ 4:20…

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