420 Mega Sale: 8 Unbeatable April Deals You Can’t Miss!

Drats, the April sale has ended, but you can check out the May promos by clicking here.

We may be a few weeks away from 420, but that’s no reason to wait that long to start gearing up. EZVapes is making it as easy on your wallet as possible this year with 8 hot deals you can’t let slip by.

Code: 42015
Discount: 15%
Valid On: All herb and/or concentrate vaporizers (with very few exclusions)

Might as well start with the heavy hitter, our 420 coupon that will save you 15% off a new top of the line herb and/or waxy concentrate vape for yourself, or someone else if you’re feeling generous. Simply use the coupon code 42015 at checkout and watch as your price drops 15% immediately. I’d highly recommend checking out the Arizer Air or Pinnacle Pro, you absolutely can not go wrong with either.

Code: EDAB
Discount: 20%
Valid On: All eDab products

All bow to the wax masters at eDab, for they deliver what us waxy concentrate lovers need and what we deserve, vape pens that get the job done right each and every time. Use the coupon code EDAB at checkout to get a nice 20% discount on any eDab product, like say, the new HELOS-G Case Kit for example. *cough cough hint hint*

Discount: 20%
Valid On: All Atmos products

You can’t have a 420 celebration without inviting Atmos to the party. Use the coupon code ATMOS at checkout and be rewarded with 20% off any Atmos product in your cart. This would be the absolute best time to introduce yourself to the Boss, one of my personal favorite new vapes.

Discount: 10%
Valid On: All Tactical Hit Company products

The poster child for craftsmanship, THC have been steadily pumping out the most durable and convenient Michigan-made dugouts we have ever seen and they show no signs of slowing down. Use the coupon code TACTICAL while checking out and snag yourself 10% off any of these beauties.

Discount: 15%
Valid On: All Cosmic herbal grinders

Take me to the stars, on a cosmic journey through time and space, to a land where your grinder doesn’t chip, doesn’t break, and grinds your material with ease. No spacecraft sitting in your garage? Well then, just pick up a super premium US-Made Cosmic grinder at a 15% discount by using the coupon code COSMIC at checkout. Cosmic grinders are durable, reliable and on top of all that, absolutely gorgeous.

Discount: 10%
Valid On: All smoke pipes

Still smokin’? Use the coupon code SMOKEIT at checkout and instantly get 10% off any one of our cutting edge smoke pipes. I’d personally recommend a PYPTEK Prometheus Pocket if you are anywhere near as clumsy as I am. The tough anodized aluminum shell protects the glass inside to give you a worry free and enjoyable smoking experience.

Code: LUCKY7
Discount: 7%
Valid On: Site wide with very few exceptions

Are you feeling lucky? When you use the coupon code LUCKY7 at checkout not only do you get 7% off your order, but we’ll even throw in a random extra freebie. It could be anything, from a new grinder or vape to jars, stickers, screens and everything in between! So if you’re feeling lucky, save a quick 7% on most items site wide and test your luck!

Discount: Free International Priority shipping on orders of $200 or more
Valid On: Most products sitewide

Shipping internationally can be a pain when you really don’t feel like dealing with the long wait. Well with international priority shipping your order gets to you with the quickness, usually within 4-10 business days. Place an order of $200 or more and we ship your international package via priority shipping FREE, just enter the coupon code GLOBAL at checkout.

I may be a bit bias, but if you ask me you aren’t going to find a better deal anywhere else. However, in the off chance you do, contact us and we’ll match or beat it!

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