A New Contestant Enters The Ring: Cloud Penz Giveaway!

We told you we’d be announcing a special giveaway for this Friday, well we just received them in today: the Cloud Penz vape pen!

These stylish little pens are perfect for all your waxes and oils, coming in an alarming amount of colors and styles, we are still trying to catch up and get them all in! Here you see Sizurp (Purple), Cotton Candy (Pink), Lemon (Yellow), Lambo (Orange), Slime (Green), Diamond (Turquoise), Concrete (Grey), the only one not pictured Waffle (White), Red and Black. And we still have more on the way!

So be sure you are signed up for our newsletter to become eligible for this and all our giveaways as we give out a Cloud Penz with the winner choosing their color, a Palm 2.0, VaporBLUNT Pro Kit, and a Pinnacle this Friday May 31st!


  1. Bella Smyth says

    oh they look awesome

  2. Hemophage says

    Be sure to let me know if I win Please

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