All Natural Glass Cleaner: Kleen Green Gold

Cleaning out your vaporizer of tobacco pipe can be a serious pain, especially the glass parts. They usually require a ton of attention and some type of cleaning solvent and picking the right solvent is very important. Kleen Green Gold is a cleaner that is quickly becoming a go to for many, using a scientific breakthrough to deliver a 100% all natural and non-toxic cleaner.

If you pick up just any cleaning solution you are going to have to work extra hard to remove any residue or left over liquid from your pieces before use, or else you are risking a very bad chemical taste and possible harshness. Think of it as cleaning your glass mirror and having a bunch of streaks left over. Not the results you want.

Kleen Green cleaner uses a unique blend of plant-derived ingredients for its all natural mix, leaving no harsh taste or smell behind what so ever. The scientific break through mentioned above is a natural molecular technology that uses microscopic energy fields of negative ions which creates a brand new molecule.

In English, that basically means that Kleen Green can be mixed with distilled water to form 6 pints of cleaner from a 1 pint bottle, or 6 quarts of cleaner from a 1 quart bottle and so on. So not only is Kleen Green a great cleaning solution, but it lasts an extremely long time.

Kleen Green Gold cleaner is perfect for quick and non-toxic cleaning of numerous materials from glass and ceramic to chrome and acrylic.

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