Arizer Holiday Package Giveaway

After the popular Palm Vape giveaway we have done for the past couple months, we wanted to do something special for the Holiday season. We have put together a mega pack that is hands down our largest giveaway to date, with the total value of this package coming in right under $500.

What we are calling the “Arizer Holiday Package” consists of a brand new Extreme Q vaporizer, Arizer Solo portable vaporizer, Arizer Solo VapeCase, and exotic wooden mouthpiece for the Arizer Solo. With this holiday package you have absolutely everything you need to comfortably vaporize at home or on the go.

Arizer Tech, based out of Canada, has been putting out extremely high quality vaporizers for years, making them one of the most notable companies in the vaporizing industry today. Both the Extreme Q and Solo vaporizer are in the discussion when looking at what truly is the best vaporizer.

The Arizer Extreme Q has long been a customer favorite with super easy remote operation and the option to use either balloon inflation or whip delivery to vaporize. The innovative dual screen cyclone bowl can hold a lot of material at once and makes switching between balloon or whip delivery incredibly easy.

Arizer’s newest vaporizer, the Solo, continued their trend of top quality products with an insanely long battery life and smooth operation with glass tubes. The Arizer Solo does what many portable vaporizers before it could not, deliver the vapor quality that is normally reserved for table top vaporizers. Not only is the Arizer Solo very portable, but you get one of the best vaporizing experiences around, bar none.

For more information and how to enter for this awesome giveaway head over to our Arizer Holiday Package Giveaway page.

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