Arizer And Vapir Vapes Up For Grabs!

Just under a week until we are all stuffing our faces with some awesome food with friends and family, but before we do EZVapes wants to get some brand new vaporizers in some winner’s hands to make Thanksgiving that much better!

Last week we were all caught up after the Atmos Junior was claimed, but unfortunately the winner of the Arizer Solo was asleep behind the wheel and has not claimed their vape! This of course works in your favor though as we will be drawing a new winner for the Solo today!

Also up for grabs today is one serious table top vape, the Vapir Rise! Vapir was dormant for a while after the very successful NO2 vaporizer, but now they are back and with a vengeance. The Rise allows you to vape herbs, oils or concentrates with either the balloon inflation or whip method. The vibrant LED screen gives a super accurate read out of your temp and the touch controls are super responsive. Definitely a prize anyone would be happy to win!

My Vapir Rise has become a staple of my living room. It is literally planted on the table in front of my TV and does not move. My two friends that are over most often constantly walk in and head straight for the multi-user whip attachment, I don’t even have a say in the matter! Not that I mind, less work for me to do.

All you have to do to find out if you’ve won is check your email inbox that you used to sign up for our newsletter to see if you have the message from us letting you know that you’ve won. Take extra care in checking every single folder that the message could have possibly landed in, such as a spam folder, so you don’t miss out! Nothing would be worse than seeing that message weeks later when you can no longer claim the prize!

If you just aren’t sure whether or not you are eligible for these giveaways yet it is easy to check. Join the EZVapes community and you will be eligible immediately for all of our future vaporizer giveaways. In addition you’ll receive our weekly newsletter that has links to reviews, pictures, news and even some unadvertised deals and discounts, always worth a read!

For even more fun and giveaways head on over to our Facebook page where we draw a random winner for a new flavor of e-juice each weekday! All you have to do is keep on the lookout for the picture of the e-juice and then like and comment on the post. It’s super easy and definitely a lot of fun.

If you haven’t taken advantage of our huge vaporizer sale this month yet your time is running out quickly! You can get 15% off ANY vaporizer by simply entering the coupon code “VAPE15” at checkout! I would suggest using this coupon on the Joyetech eCab Kit because not only will you get 15% off, but you also get the super stylish carrying case absolutely FREE! That deal is running low on time as well, so get to it people!

Next week is the 5th and final week of our EZVapes Thanksgiveaways, so you know what that means, a whole new month of giveaways coming your way! We’ve put our thinking hats on and are really working to top this month’s giveaways, which is definitely a daunting task.

Thanksgiving is also next week, which means Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us! You know we’re gonna hook all of you up with some seriously insane deals, but what vape or other product are you looking to snag on the cheap this year? Throw your suggestions our way in the comments and we’ll see if we can accommodate!

Everybody has the staples of Thanksgiving like Turkey and stuffing, but you know everyone has their own additions each year that are never missed, like my family always has baked mac and cheese no matter what, let us know in the comments what your family brings to the table. Have a great weekend everyone!

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