Atmos Junior Vaporizer Review

Atmos has been one of the leaders when it comes to pen style vaporizers. They have a wide selection that enables the customer to find the pen that suits their style, needs and even price range. Their newest effort, the Atmos Junior, looks to do what you’ve seen quite often lately; take a very popular product and make it more compact, portable and convenient. Did they succeed? Let’s find out.

The Atmos RAW or Atmos RX as it was later known as, offered all the convenience of a pen style vaporizer, but also allowed you to vaporize loose leaf herbs and tobacco with it. There are pens out there that do the same with an extra add-on attachment, but none did it with the quality the RAW did.

Operating the Atmos RX was simple enough, you just threw a glass screen on top of the coil and placed your dry material right on top of that. From there you had quick and easy vapor puffs in a matter of seconds. Remove the glass screen and you have a coil exposed to dab your waxier material on top, turns out this is where the Atmos RAW really shined.

You can see the Junior is significantly smaller than the Atmos RAW.

The Junior is significantly smaller than the Atmos RAW, both are next to a standard sized lighter for scale.

The coil on the RAW is super efficient and the dish-like shape to it made it a powerhouse wax vaporizer. Just one problem, the chamber was elongated to supply more room for dry material so dabbing your material down that far was pretty difficult. To be fair, it was geared towards loose leaf herbs and tobacco so you can’t hold that against Atmos.

So let’s dig in to the Atmos Junior and what it is all about. Every single piece of the Atmos RX has been shrunk down to form the Atmos Junior, making it more than just a clever name. The mouthpiece, chamber and battery have all been minimized to bring the overall package down from about 6 inches to only about 4 inches. The thickness remains the same at a little under a half inch, but this was never a problem to begin with so not a big deal.

Screwing off the top cap reveals the chamber and coil. The actual ceramic heating chamber is now about half the size, making loading my waxy material onto the coil incredibly easy. The coil size and shape remains the same and as noted above this is a very, very good thing as it is one of the best available.

As you can see the Junior on the right is dab friendly, the RAW...not so much.

As you can see the Junior on the right is dab friendly, the RAW…not so much.

The chamber is now pretty tiny, so this means using dry material with the Junior vape will not be as convenient as with the RAW vape, but still more than doable. I found that after placing the glass screen on top I had just enough room to pinch enough material in there for one user for about 5-8 pulls depending on your draw strength and material.

Where the Atmos JR really wows me is with waxy material. Dab even the smallest amount onto the coil and hold the power button and you are moments from some huge vapor pulls. The ceramic chamber allows your material to burn completely clean, no clean up in the chamber necessary. As a moderately lazy individual this makes me happy. Most vape pens that work with the waxier material burn clean, but the Junior seems to do it just a bit better in my opinion.

I found that instead of holding the power button for like 5-7 straight seconds that actually doing 3 second intervals while pulling works amazingly. I got just as thick clouds as when I held it down for a long time, but a much better taste and it was far less harsh. This can vary depending on your material, but overall I think it will hold true for most. Try both ways and let us know in the comments what worked best for you, or maybe even a completely different method.

Once the glass screen is added in, the Junior doesn't leave a lot of room for dry material.

Once the glass screen is added in, the Junior doesn’t leave a lot of room for dry material.

This vape truly won me over from the start. Carrying it in your pocket is like it not being there at all and the quick and easy access to vapor pulls the RAW gave you makes the smaller Junior vaporizer the superior vape. The Atmos Junior does work with dry material, but it really should only be used sparingly. If you are purchasing one strictly for loose leaf herbs and tobacco you might find yourself a bit disappointed and would be better off with the original Atmos RAW.

All in all the Atmos Junior pen vaporizer has officially put all other waxy vape pens on notice, including their own. I’m sure a time will come when it may be dethroned, maybe even by Atmos, but right now the Atmos Junior is the wax vape you should have your eye on whether as an upgrade or your first wax vaporizer.

Anything not covered in this review that you’re curious about? Ask any questions you have in the comments below and we’ll answer as soon and as accurately as possible.


  1. Tyler Santana says

    How long can we expect a pen like this to last (given that you are taking good care of it)

    • Since it doesn’t use atomizers that burn out easily like other vape pens, with the proper use you can get years out of these.

      • Thanks for all the great advice in your post EZVapes! I’m curious, what parts of this kit do you need to replace most often? I just ordered my pen and I’d like to buy the replacements ahead of time.

        • Sorry for the late response Kate, with this Pen you actually don’t have any parts that need replacing, it’s great! Unlike most vape pens the Atmos Junior’s cartridge is good for a LONG time and does not have a set shelf life. But if you end up picking up the glass honeycomb screen then that would be something you might want to get a couple of.

  2. I purchased the atmos junior today because it was cheaper than the rx and the clerk told me that I could add an oil cartridge attachment to it and make it more versatile. Unfortunately I cannot find any specific oil attachments and I am just wondering if there are any out there because I am not the biggest fan of wax ( i prefer dry herb) and the clerk did not warn me of this.

  3. For use with waxy material, the glass screen is not needed? Does it combust or does it vaporize?

    • Yes, you do not need the glass screen for wax. It vaporizes, no combustion to speak of unless you use loose leaf herbs and tobacco and hold the power button too long.

  4. mark markel says

    No need for a screen if using for wax?

  5. Christian magana says

    I am using the best WAX clinics sell where they are 40-50$ And I bought a atmos raw pen and I’d be putting wax in there and I would not always get a hit or it’d feel like I’m wasting wax is it because the quality is too high for the pen to handle cause I have some real good stuff and I heard when it’s like that it can cause problems. Is that true? And if the raw isn’t the way to go for top shelf waxing; then does that mean the atmos junior is the best or are there other pens that can handle superior quality of wax
    Like should I get a different type of pen instead?

    • Hi Christian, you’ve got a lot of questions, good ones, I’d suggest giving us a call at (855) 398-2737 or using the live chat on our page and we can help you out. But a short answer is the Junior should be good to use for ALL your wax, no matter the quality.

  6. Hey, so I just bought the junior, clerk didn’t mention the glass screen even though I told him it was for dry loose herbs, he told me to just put the herb in the chamber.. Ok so I did, a couple times.. It wasn’t really hitting that great, I guess my question is, will that ruin the coil? Did I ruin the coil? Thanks in advance.

  7. will the glass screen for the Atmos Raw fit the Junior?

  8. You should be able to get it working with the glass screen, the pulls will not generate huge clouds but it should still work. You definitely have the glass screen in the right spot. I’m sure you do not want to keep buying new screens, but this one might work better for you:

  9. Can you use oils with this?

  10. Noe Rodriguez says

    So do I just throw the ball of wax directly in the coil no filter or nothing?

  11. Roughly how much wax does this hold at one time. Would hate to have to carry more to refilln lol. Sure thats not the case. Just need something more convenient and portable and efficient than paddle currently using

  12. just got the atmos junior and I know it says 2 -3 seconds for coils to work but mine has a real lag to it did everything by direction any help

    • Before using the Junior you do want to charge the battery for a full 8 hours to condition the battery. If you didn’t do that I would suggest doing that now. From there make sure the battery is fully charged because a low battery may cause the lag. You can of course experiment and hold the power button for longer, I just happen to get best results with around 3 maybe 4 seconds, it will definitely vary based on material too. Let me know how it works out,

  13. maximuss2225 says

    I’ve had the atmos for about 2 months. Over all I love it. I have found that lately it seems that it needs to charge a lot more often ( after one or two good sessions) and the coil is now covered and or caked in wax residue. I know that my wax is alittle dirty since I made it for the first time and had ground the flower a bit too much. But I still think their should be a way to clean the bowl so the residue doesn’t insulate the coil. I put decent size dab balls and get a couple huge hits and then maybe 5-10 more smaller hits over time (say come back to it 2 hours later without refilling). First question is this caking normal? Can i clean it in a way to reduce this effect?Any help would be much apreciated!

    • That isn’t something I’ve heard of yet, usually the wax will burn clean in the ceramic heater, but as you mentioned it may have been from your material specifically. See if a lightly damp q-tip and scrub the inside to see if it loosens the material up and then try to burn it clean from there (not inhaling the vapor, just burning it off)

  14. I bought the junior because the battery on my raw went out. Will the raw chambers work in the junior battery?

  15. Diana Rubi Campos says

    Hello I just purchased the pen today but I have a feeling im doing something getting no clouds .I checked coil and it is lighting up..has a glass screen also..waiting 2 seconds before inhaling and holding for only 5 secs…help please! I was really excited to use but its been 2 hours and I can’t get the hang of it 🙁

  16. Jeffythekid says

    I love this pen but the battery dies after about 7-8 uses 🙁 other than that it owns all my other pens, do you have this problem? And are there any longer lasting battery’s I can buy for my pen? Because it really is a nice smooth clean and satisfying hit thanks !

    • Use the battery until it is completely dead again, then charge it for at minimum 8 hours and then remove it from the charger. Do this for the next 2 or 3 times you charge it and it should condition the battery to last longer. Hope this helps!

  17. Alembic Sounds says

    You should also make sure that you are grinding your buds up. It will not will not work well the herbs are not broken up well.

  18. Professor Zoom says

    I just got this vape and I honestly thought the Atmos Raw Jr would be better than my Cloud V but it turns out not to be, I actually get bigger rips from my Cloud V, I dont want to hate on AtmosRx but they need to step their game up.

  19. Well the wide coil on the Atmos Junior that almost acts like a dish is much easier to dab onto than a thin coil and also can hold more material. As far s the battery it is possible you might need to send that one in for warranty replacement/repair, but contact Atmos first to see if they can troubleshoot it for you and save you some time.

  20. i just got my pen like a month ago and have smoked out of it quite a few times and now its not letting me draw. the coil is working and the mouth peice is not clogged help plz. i have been smoking herbs outa there if that helps

  21. How do I clean my raw jr, the dry material gets caked on the screen?

  22. I was just wondering while smoking with my atmos junior with just dry herb will the smell be strong?

  23. Hi, Total noob question here, I am going to buy the Junior standard pack, for dry herb do I have to purchase the AtmosRx Dry Herb Mesh Filter AND the AtmosRx Dry Herb Glass Filter? or just one of them? the starter pack says it comes with a ceramic filter.


    • You do not need the glass filter because it will not work with the Junior as it was originally intended to. The filter will fit, but doesn’t leave enough room for dry material. We don;t suggest pens for dry material because they don’t really vaporize, but if you were going to go with one we would recommend the Atmos RAW (Atmos RX) over the Atmos Junior.

  24. HairyLongProng says

    I have a new atoms junior…I have not used it yet..but it feels like it’s hard to draw on…is this have to suck hard to get a pull…

  25. Mara Golden says

    I just received my Atmos Jr and can’t figure out how to lock it so it won’t turn on in my pocket. It always appears to be on

  26. Mara Golden says

    How do I lock the vaporizer so it does not turn on in my pocket?

  27. can the junior be used for dry concentrates?

  28. Corey Butcher says

    hey i was wanting to know if their is a dry cart that fits this. i want alil more room, and is it possible to turn it into a e cig?

  29. Can i use the atmos junior with dry herb without the screen?

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