Atmos RAW Oil Attachment

The Atmos RAW is one of the smallest herbal vaporizers you can find in production today. It’s about the size of a small marker and features super fast one button operation for those who need to vaporize on the go and do it quickly. However, the RAW vaporizer was limited to just herbal blends. Until now that is.

Atmos Technologies has just released an oil attachment for the Atmos RAW portable vaporizer to quickly and efficiently vaporize all your essential oils and e-liquids. This small attachment has a clear tank with a measuring scale printed right on it so you know how much material you have left at all times by simply glancing.

With this oil attachment you can make one of the most portable vaporizers out there extremely versatile and just as efficient with essential oils as it is with herbal blends.

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  1. does this attachment work for budder, honey oil, or wax? or only e liquids?

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