The Baker Vaporizer Review


VaporBLUNT is at it again with another vape offering, the Baker vaporizer! What is the Baker? How does it work? How well does it work? Why should you care? Please allow me to answer all these questions and more…

As you may know VaporBLUNT has become an authority when it comes to portable vapes over the past few years. So far they’ve released their original VaporBLUNT, to the Palm, Palm 2.0, Pinnacle, VaporBLUNT 2.0, Pinnacle Pro, needless to say VB has been busy.

The Baker represents their first attempt at a table top vaporizer. The Baker unit itself is very compact for a table top, by far the most compact I have seen. It’s only about 3.5 inches tall and a little under 5 inches wide. It is almost like they took a viVape and just compacted it down.

At the top you have the ceramic heating element and stainless steel chamber. On the front there is a small digital display to show your desired temperature, accompanied by a dial to adjust temperature and finally one single power button. On the back is the plug for the A/C wall adapter to be plugged in to power the unit. That’s it. Simple, straight to the point.

Included in the box are all the bells and whistles you need to not only vape your favorite dry blends, but also essential oils and concentrates. They used the same “bullet” like set up that the Pinnacle and Pinnacle Pro made popular, but in a larger size to accommodate the space you’d expect from a table top unit. Right out of the box you have a flower bullet for your dry materials and a “full metal jacket” bullet for all your concentrates.

Size comparison from left to right: Arizer Extreme Q, Baker, Arizer Solo portable vape.

Size comparison from left to right: Arizer Extreme Q, Baker, Arizer Solo portable vape.

Next you have the cap that covers the heating chamber and has a screen on the bottom to stop material from passing that point and then a 18mm PonG adapter on top. There is also a 14mm PonG adapter that is placed on top which then doubles as either a way to attach your 14mm water tool, or attach the included whip tubing. Have an 18mm water tool? Simply ignore the 14mm adapter and you’re all set.

For the end of the whip you have a 14mm GonG adapter that acts as either the whip mouthpiece, or a way to connect to your water tool directly. VaporBLUNT definitely got the max usage out of their accessories with this vape, which is great because it is less pieces to lose or break. You also receive a nice wooden stir tool and a very useful cleaning brush that works perfectly with the bullets and the chamber.

Lastly you have the most intriguing attachment, an all glass globe that fits over the heating element with an end to hook on the whip tubing and an additional opening to dab directly onto the full metal jacket chamber. This is made possible since the Baker vape goes up to 800° F without even slightly breaking a sweat.

I started off with trying the flower bullet with my dry material first, whip tubing connected. I turned on the Baker by hitting the power button and set my temp to 385° F and immediately the digital display turned from “385” displayed to a flashing “L-t”. This stands for “Low Temperature” which means the Baker hasn’t hit your desired temp yet. That didn’t last long at all as after about 50 seconds it displayed 340, then 360, then 375 within the blink of an eye. SUPER fast heat up time.

The Baker vaporizer light show in action!

The Baker vaporizer light show in action!

Despite it heating up so fast I was still able to enjoy the cool little light show the ring around the heating chamber displays while heating, nothing crazy but definitely a nice touch that adds a space age feel to it. You really feel like you’re about to vape out of some new alien technology or something, added some more excitement especially knowing VB’s excellent track record.

Now that it was heated up I threw my loaded flower bullet in, screwed on the cap with 14mm adapter and whip tubing on top and drew from the mouthpiece. I didn’t give the Baker much time to even accumulate a huge cloud so I wasn’t expecting what I got, which was a freaking huge, tasty cloud. Caught me by surprise of course, but a very pleasant surprise.

The one pack in the flower bullet was going for a LONG time and when done, the material was the exact color you expect to see. I could tell my material had been completely vaporized, nothing to waste. The whip tubing is 3 feet long, leaving more than enough time for your vapor to diffuse a bit, cool down and become extremely enjoyable.

The Baker with the glass dome attachment for concentrates on top and whip tubing attached.

At one point I had left the Baker unattended because I honestly thought it was done and had to be repacked. I was dead wrong. Next thing I know I have my friend yelling from the other room “The Baker is still going! Get in here!”. I honestly couldn’t believe how efficient this vape was.

By design alone you can see they really took the time to figure out what they wanted to accomplish and wanted it as streamlined as possible, simplifying the process so you can start enjoying right away without much homework to do. They include a quick start guide that takes only a few minutes to run through and after reading that you really feel fully educated on your new Baker table top.

VaporBLUNT has really lived up to the reputation they have worked so hard to achieve. The Baker vape is super versatile, heats up insanely fast, comes with a litany of accessories and options to use and has amazing performance to back it all up. I highly recommend this vape to anyone who wants that table top vape that is going to take years to replace with something new, if at all. I see my Baker staying nicely planted right on my coffee table in my living room for a long time to come.

I can’t wait to dive into using the Baker with concentrates, as well as with a water tool to see how much it really steps up the experience, if at all. We’ve only spent one weekend with this vape so far, so expect some detailed updates in the near future!

Any questions about the Baker? Anything you want us to give a shot with it and report back? Let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to get you an answer ASAP!

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