At A Glance: Yocan Loaded Wax Pen

The Loaded is one of Yocan’s newest full-size wax pens, building upon their massively successful Evolve series.

This beast of a vape pen features a powerful, long-lasting 1400mAh battery, both dual and quad quartz coils, built in concentrate storage, and a unique swing-open door to make loading your concentrates as easy as can be.

Available in 4 vivid colors, the Loaded pen is a notable addition to Yocan’s ever-growing range of devices for concentrates, and one of the best options in its class. Use your choice of dual or quad quartz coils to suit your personal preference.

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At A Glance: Vivant Incendio Tank

The Vivant Incendio Tank is one of the most highly rated sub-ohm atomizers for waxy concentrates currently available.

Featuring must-have Firecore quartz coilless bucket coils for fresh, clean taste, the Incendio atomizer is reliable, efficient, and effective at vaporizing your oils and concentrates.

The Incendio heating attachment is compatible with most 510 thread regulated box mods, including the dual mode Incendio battery.

The Incendio tank can also be used with various water filtration tools, making it a truly versatile choice.

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Atmos Greedy: All Your Wax Are Belong To Us

The Atmos Greedy atomizer is a tried and true sub ohm waxy concentrate atomizer with a range of premium quality coils available.

The Greedy by Atmos is constructed from all stainless steel to create a tough as nails exterior that will stand tall against the test of time.

This premium heating attachment for waxy oils is equipped with a splash prevention mouthpiece and adjustable airflow control system.

The Greedy wax atomizer comes stock with a stainless steel coil/quartz rod heating chamber that can thoroughly and evenly vape through massive slabs of material at the touch of a button, providing a nearly unmatched quality of vapor.

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