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eDab Fantom Shell: Change The Color Of Your Cartridge Battery

In case you’ve been out of the loop, the eDab Fantom Pro is a top-rated variable voltage cartridge battery that lets you change the color of your device to match your mood, style, or cartridge flavor on demand. It offers this amazing feature by utilizing its signature Fantom Shell cover.

Fantom Pro 8 Shell Colors

Now available in 8 vivid colors, the removable Fantom Shell can be changed anytime with a simple snap. This one-of-a-kind cover hides and protects your cartridge, while making it easy to check how much oil is left in your at a glance.

eDab Fantom Shell Colors

Switch the shell color to match your outfit, your state of mind, rep your fav sports team, restore the condition of your device, or to sort your various cartridge flavors. (They even make an great fidget toy if you get bored!)

Fantom Shell Colors In Line

The top-rated eDab Fantom series vaporizers provide performance and reliability that not only meets your needs, but matches your personal style. For a cartridge battery as unique as you are, learn more about the eDab Fantom Pro here.

Meet The eDab Fantom Pro ES (Extended Shell) Vaporizer For Full Gram Cartridges

Just say no to heavy, bulky cartridge batteries that use clunky dials or switches to fit your full gram cartridges. The eDab Fantom Pro ES set gives you complete protection and privacy for tall oil cartridges in powerful, lightweight, and compact device that fits in even the smallest of palms.

During development eDab tested many popular full gram oil cartridges, then designed the Extended Shell to be the perfect height to conceal and protect taller, wider oil cartridges with increased capacity. But you won’t be limited to just 1 gram carts. Simply swap for the standard shell (available as an add-on option) or remove for use with half gram, shorter carts.

The ES Basic Set comes with the newest version Fantom Pro device, including the Extended Shell. The Complete Kit option also has a leak-proof, refillable 1mL Fantom Cartridge in Matte Gunmetal finish in the box.

The top-rated Fantom Pro device itself is equipped with 3 power levels (voltage presets), an impressive 500mAh capacity, extended 15-second heat and preheat cycles, fast micro-USB charging, and easy one-button operation.

Fantom Shells Colors

The Fantom Pro’s signature removable Shell cover not only let’s you change the size of your device on demand, but also the color! Just snap on a new shell anytime to use different size cartridges, sort your flavors, or to reflect unique style or current mood. (It makes for a fun fidget toy, too!)

Does size matter? We think so. Measuring about 1″ by 2″ and weighing in at around half an ounce, no other battery for full gram oil cartridges can match the level of power and portability the versatile Fantom Pro vaporizer offers.

Pick it up today at EZVapes. More info/purchase: https://ezvaporizers.com/edab-fantom-pro-es_p-5835.html