HELOS Mini Double Kit Vaporizer Review

I must say, we are really living in a great time. There are a ton of new vapes hitting the market each month and most of them are very worth your time. Is eDab’s latest offering, the HELOS Mini worth your time and hard earned cash? Let’s find out. [Read more…]

The Baker Vaporizer Review


VaporBLUNT is at it again with another vape offering, the Baker vaporizer! What is the Baker? How does it work? How well does it work? Why should you care? Please allow me to answer all these questions and more… [Read more…]

Comparing The Dube And Dube XS Vaporizers

Dube VS Dube XS

Relatively new to the Vape Pen scene, White Rhino is already making its mark with the recent release of two very solid offerings, the original Dube and the modified, more compact version, the Dube XS. First, let’s look at the similarities between the two, and then we’ll explore the differences in build and design thereafter. [Read more…]