Comparing The Dube And Dube XS Vaporizers

Dube VS Dube XS

Relatively new to the Vape Pen scene, White Rhino is already making its mark with the recent release of two very solid offerings, the original Dube and the modified, more compact version, the Dube XS. First, let’s look at the similarities between the two, and then we’ll explore the differences in build and design thereafter. [Read more…]

Vapir Rise Vaporizer Review

Vapir hit the scene in the early days of the vape game, but really started taking off when they released the Vapir NO2, which still remains very popular to this day. I still have mine despite it being one of the first vapes I ever got! Now Vapir is back with the Vapir Rise to prove to everyone they still know what’s what when it comes to vapes. [Read more…]

HELOS Deluxe Kit Vaporizer Review

eDab HELOS Deluxe Kit

The HELOS wax vaporizer seemingly came out of nowhere. Didn’t really see much or hear much before it landed at our doorstep. Now that I was able to give one a go for about a week I wanted to weight in with my thoughts. [Read more…]